IT-Weekly review: Russian companies will create two JVs with Ant Group, USM and MegaFon received an Uzbek operator

Russian companies to create two joint ventures with Ant Group, USM and MegaFon received an Uzbek operator

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Anna Savelieva | 02/14/2021

IT-Weekly review: Russian companies will create two JVs with Ant Group, USM and MegaFon received an Uzbek operator

At the same time, last week Tesla announced the purchase of bitcoins for $ 1.5 million and the beginning of accepting cryptocurrency as payment.

MegaFon, Ant Group, Group, USM and RDIF signed binding documents to create two joint ventures (JV) –
payment and financial. The deals are expected to close in 2021.

The largest shareholder in the payment JV will be Group, whose assets with a total value of 4.5 billion rubles: 100% in the RNCO Dengi.Mail.Ru and the VK Pay payment system (which
will remain the financial and payment instruments of the Group ecosystem). The company’s share will be 40%. The Group will contribute 870 million rubles to the financial JV in exchange for a 5.95% stake in it.

USM will contribute cash and assets to the financial JV, including 100% in ASK Renaissance, 100% in Round Bank and 100% in InPlat. Other shareholders, including Ant Group, RDIF and MegaFon, will contribute
cash, assets, or both, in a finance and payment JV.

In addition, MegaFon and USEM Telecom with Uzbek assets CRPT Turon and ICS Holding Uzbekista, as well as the government of Uzbekistan, will create
Digital Holding for the formation of telecommunications infrastructure and the introduction of technologies in the region.

The Government of Uzbekistan, through the Agency for State Assets Management (AUGA), will transfer to the Digital Holding JV a share in the amount of 100% of the authorized capital of the telecom operator Ucell.

To enter the JV USEM Telecom and MegaFon created the Digital Invest company, the shares in which were distributed by 50% on both sides. The share of Digital Invest in the new joint venture will be 51%, AUGA – 49%.
The finalization of the transaction will take place during 2021.

Meanwhile, continuing to take stock of the past year, Veeam reported 22% revenue growth. In the first half of 2020, the company’s growth
More than 8 percentage points higher than the market average compared to the same period in 2019, and the number of clients exceeded 400,000.

But Cisco’s numbers continue to decline for the fifth quarter in a row, as corporate customers spend
less money on network infrastructure products for offices. The company’s total revenues declined to $ 11.96 billion in the second quarter ended January 23, up from
$ 12.01 billion for the same period.

Finally, Tesla acquired $ 1.5 billion worth of bitcoins, which led to a sharp rise in the value of this type of cryptocurrency. Currently 1
bitcoin is on the stock exchange for about $ 43,625, having added 14% at once. At the same time, the company announced the start of sales of electric vehicles for tokens. Currently, in order to buy a Tesla Model 3, it is enough
lay out 0.88 bitcoin.

In documents for US regulators, Tesla indicated that it transferred about 8% of its financial reserves to bitcoins in order to diversify investments. At the end of 2020, she had $ 19.38 billion
free funds.


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