Изображения «Росэлектроники»

Russian components for promising means of communication surpass foreign analogues

The holding “Roselectronika”, owned by the state corporation Rostec, announced the development of the first domestic microwave generators that will find application in promising means of communication and identification.

Images of Roselectronics

Images of Roselectronics

New products are intended for the formation of a microwave signal in wired and wireless telecommunications, radar systems, automotive and aviation electronics.

The development of components was carried out by the Omsk Research Institute of Instrument Engineering (part of the Roselectronics) as part of the import substitution program for the electronic component base. It is important to note that the presented products are the first such devices created in our country. Moreover, for a number of characteristics, domestic components are superior to foreign analogues: Russian solutions can boast of higher reliability and tightness of the design.

The main feature of the new devices based on surface shear resonators is the provision of pulsed modulation of the output signal and high resistance to mechanical, biological and climatic influences.

The operating frequency range of the generators extends from 500 to 2000 MHz, the dimensions are 21 × 13 × 7 mm. Mass production of products has already begun.

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