Russian data centers and climate management systems appear in Uzbekistan

Kateryna Alexandrov

Newcom launches the supply of NOTA Modular Data Center, DataStone Microcenter and Climate Control Systems for Utilex Data Centers in CleverBreeze, Uzbekistan.

Partner companies are working together in Uzbekistan to promote, supply and support modular data centers and other infrastructure solutions developed
and produced by Russian Utilex.

Based on the partnership agreement, Newcom has included in its package of services three lines for the creation of IT infrastructure:

  • The modular DataStone Micro Data Center (“Corridor Data Center”) is a stand-alone fault-tolerant complex that allows you to create high-quality, privately owned, privately owned infrastructure.
    unprepared premises.

  • The NOTA modular data center is a standalone data center infrastructure based on a home rapid frame module.

  • CleverBreeze is a data center climate control system that includes precision air conditioners, chillers and a closed ultrasonic humidification system. Provides drainage up to 30 kW
    heat from a rack in any extreme climatic conditions.

Newcom has the right to supply and service NOTA, DataStone, Clever Breeze solutions in Uzbekistan and has full manufacturer’s technical support guarantees at all stages of implementation.

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