Russian IT transformers positively charged Intel exhibition

Russian IT transformers positively charged Intel. IT Market

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Max Wolf | 06/25/2020

Russian IT transformers positively charged Intel exhibition

At the June 23 virtual exhibition organized by the corporation Intel and entitled “IT Transformation in the New Reality”, the corporation partners shared their
a vision of this same novelty and its cloudy perspectives.

According to Lanit Philippe Gens, President of the Civil Code, everything is developing very well so far. But he clarified that now the IT company is implementing projects that began last year and it is not known, of course, how everything
will develop by winter. But today there really is a lot of work, including projects for medical institutions. For them, in particular, Lanit, with the support of Intel, has developed a solution that helps doctors,
working in dirty areas. They were offered to wear virtual reality glasses over protective suits, allowing those in the red zone to receive the necessary data from the outside, and those outside –
see the situation through the eyes of doctors.

The system was shown to the management of the infectious diseases hospital in Kommunark, and after receiving positive feedback, it was immediately distributed to several dozen medical institutions. Now they plan to develop for this
the decision is special analytics, to put servers, that is, there is much to develop here, there would be “red zones” and the help of technical and other sponsors, of course.

Andrey Filatov, SAP CIS CEO, expressed confidence that since IT technologies have shown real effectiveness during the pandemic, we will probably see
certain changes in legislation that stimulate the expansion of digitalization and automation.

According to the estimates of Microsoft CEO in Russia Kristina Tikhonova in the two spring months of 2020, the IT industry has gone two years. Obviously, it’s not that IT solutions are out of date
immediately for two years, but about the accelerated transition to digital technology. A vivid example is telecommuting, which even those who absolutely did not have to go to in a matter of days

And of course, voluntary-forced digitalization led to mass migration to the clouds, which even resembled a flight from reality. About the present and future of the cloud industry on
Top managers of the three most famous Russian cloud projects Yandex.Oblako, Mail.Ru Cloud Solutions and SberCloud spoke to the virtual Intel exhibition.

Top managers noted that customers, if not with the advent of a pandemic, then from its middle for sure, stopped wondering if it was necessary to migrate to the cloud? And even the question – When? It has become no longer
relevant. The most important issue for customers and cloud providers was the question – How?

The fact is that some companies are asking to create a personal cloud for them, just like Yandex or itself, or maybe even better, but the main thing is that the cloud should be strictly inside the customer.
Others come with a request to find in the cloud a very specific IBM mainframe – the same as in its own data center, to move to the cloud without any technical and mental problems. Third
they worry that they will be necessarily oppressed in the cloud and want to see where and next to what they put their data, what they are in the queue of the hypervisor, and if someone will crawl to the memory resources or
processor by pull, to the detriment of SLA.

Therefore, the greatest demand today is no longer sought by specialists in attracting solvent customers, but by those who can literally “take their hands” and put them in the right part of the cloud.
The work ahead is not easy, since if the world has for the most part already switched to a cloud-based modular architecture, many Russian companies are still fairly monolithic in this regard.
Transferring their existing IT infrastructure as a whole may be impractical or even contraindicated, including according to the norms of the law, and it seems initially to divide it into parts
impossible. Pilot projects help. According to experts, they are the ones who can give hope for a brighter future when thunderclouds of problems hang over a project to migrate to the cloud.

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