Russian Pension Fund began to switch to domestic ALT and Astra Linux

Russian Pension Fund began to switch to domestic ALT and Astra Linux

The Pension Fund of Russia (PFR) will adapt a fragment of its automated AIS PFR-2 system to work with the domestic operating systems ALT Linux (“Alt”) and Astra Linux. This was reported by CNews, noting that it is about the module “Electronic signature and encryption management” (UES), which is part of the “Information security” subsystem of the AIS PFR-2.

The companies “Rusbitech” and “Basalt SPO”, which are the developers of Astra Linux and ALT Linux, respectively, reported that the software platforms they created were not widely used in the FIU, but they were introduced to them in a test mode. According to the available data, the Pension Fund allocated 39 million rubles to finalize the application and server software of the UESH module. It is this amount that is indicated in the thematic tender as the initial maximum contract price. The tender was held on September 25, but the name of the winner was not announced. All work on this tender must be completed by December 21 this year.

Representatives of the FIU declined to comment on this issue. It remains unclear whether Russian operating systems will be replaced by foreign ones or whether they are planning to be used in parallel. It is also unknown whether the Pension Fund plans to adapt other systems and modules to work with Astra Linux and ALT Linux in the future.

Alexey Smirnov, General Director of Bazalt SPO, said that testing the capabilities of ALT Linux together with the Pension Fund of Russia has been systematically carried out for several years. He also noted that the new PFR project testifies to the fund’s plans to switch to domestic software. “It is important not only to use disparate domestic products, but also to ensure the holistic operation of the entire software stack, and this tender speaks of a serious approach“, – said Mr. Smirnov.

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