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Russian scientists have created advanced implant material that mimics bones

Researchers at the Siberian Institute of Physics and Technology at Tomsk State University (SIPT TSU) have patented a technology for producing a promising material that will become the basis for a new generation of implants that mimic the tissues of the human body.

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Photos TSU

The proposed material is comparable to bone tissues in a number of properties. At the same time, the Russian development has excellent indicators of biocompatibility, strength, durability and resistance to corrosion.

Living tissues change their shape under the action of a load not elastically, but according to a special hysteresis pattern. This is a very unusual process: at the beginning of deformation, the biological system strongly resists and quickly accumulates stress, but then it reaches a plateau – and then the deformation proceeds without increasing stresses“, Experts say.

The created material mimics this feature of human tissues. The development is based on titanium nickelide. Due to the addition of titanium powder, it was possible to endow the material with shape memory and special properties in terms of deformation.

In particular, the material is able to change its shape by 6–7% without permanent deformation. In other words, the original state is completely restored after stretching or compression. And this brings the new generation implants as close as possible in terms of physical and mechanical parameters to the bone tissues of the human body.

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