Russian scientists intend to shoot a video landing apparatus on Venus

Russian scientists intend to shoot a video landing apparatus on Venus

It is possible that a special camera system will be created for the Venera-D mission, which will allow you to take a panorama of the planet and land the research apparatus on its surface.

According to TASS, the project was described in the Department of Optical Physics Research of the Space Research Institute (IKI) of the Russian Academy of Sciences. It is about developing a special video system that can function under the extreme conditions observed on Venus. The temperature on the surface of this planet is about 460 degrees Celsius, and atmospheric pressure is 92 times higher than on Earth.

It is assumed that the cameras will be installed inside the spacecraft, and the optical system is planned to be divided into two sections. “The front will be mounted externally, followed by the optical fiber and the rear of the lens“- said the experts.

Venera-D is a Russian-American project aimed at studying the second planet of the solar system. The mission concept provides for the creation of an orbital and landing module. The launch of the station will take place no earlier than 2026.

Within the framework of the Venera-D project, specialists expect to study the structure, energy balance and dynamics of the atmosphere of Venus, evaluate surface geology, seismic and volcanism, and also perform a number of other measurements.

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