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Russian space debris collector may resemble a butterfly net

The State Corporation Roscosmos is exploring the possibility of creating a new system for cleaning space debris from near-Earth orbit. Information on the development, as reported by RIA Novosti, is published in the bulletin of Rospatent.

Photos of Roscosmos

Photos of Roscosmos

This is a kind of “net” that can capture large objects – ceased active existence satellites, booster blocks, the last stages of missiles, etc.

As conceived by the developers, a cone-shaped coarse mesh network will become a key element of the system. At the base of this module there will be engines for maneuvering and a special sliding frame, and the top of the cone will be connected via a cable to a specialized spacecraft.

After the network covers the captured object, the frame shrinks and the spacecraft can start the garbage disposal program.

Next, they carry out the towing of the space debris object either with the purpose of braking and entering the dense layers of the atmosphere, or by dispersing the object of space debris with the aim of transferring it to the orbit“, – is noted in the document.

The system will be able to work in fully automatic mode, that is, without operator intervention. However, while such a “trapper” of space debris exists only in patent documentation. The timing of the practical implementation of the project is not reported.

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