Ryzen 5 3600 is no longer the most popular processor in Russia. Buyers are looking for something cheaper

The popularity of AMD processes in Russian retail in September grew slightly, however, the “red” company was unable to return to the results of the first half of the year, when the share of its proposals fluctuated around 60%. This was prevented by negative price trends, which resulted in the loss of Ryzen 5 3600 as the most popular CPU on the Russian market.

After a four-month period of falling share in the Russian market, AMD finally managed to reverse the negative trend for itself and in October increased its result by 0.9 percentage points. As a result, the October share of this manufacturer amounted to 56.1%, while Intel had to be content with 43.8% – such data are cited in a recent study by Yandex.Market.

Nevertheless, the events taking place on the market can hardly be considered AMD’s great successes. October was marked by a significant increase in prices for a number of offers from this manufacturer, which significantly changed the structure of demand. Ryzen 5 3600, which from May to September held the title of the most popular processor in Russia, lost it in October due to a 7.2% increase in price (on average). As a result, buyers became more interested in another six-core AMD – the old Ryzen 5 2600 – which, although it also added in value, with an average October price of 10.8 thousand rubles for many does not look so ruinous acquisition.

Also, the six-core Core i5-10400F with an average price of 13.7 thousand rubles burst into the number of the most popular processors, for which Russian users are ready to vote with a ruble. It should be noted that the popularity of this processor in October compared to September has grown by a noticeable 44%. However, the largest change in demand in relative terms was for another member of the Comet Lake family – the Core i3-10100. This quad-core processor with an average price of 9 thousand rubles. has risen in a month in the rating built by Yandex.Market by 17 positions due to an increase in the number of customer requests almost two and a half times.

The data on the popularity of the most popular processor models in October is shown in the diagram above. In addition to Ryzen 5 2600 and Ryzen 5 3600, the top three includes Ryzen 7 3700X, which consistently occupies high places in Russian retail sales.

Of the noticeable changes in the processor top formed by buyers of online stores, it should also be noted a strong upward movement of the Ryzen 3 3100 and Ryzen 5 3500X processors, which, contrary to the general trend, even managed to fall in price a little during October. At the same time, users have clearly turned away from proposals such as the Core i9-9900K and Ryzen 3 3200G. In the first case, this happened due to the replacement of the old processor with newer and more profitable offers. In the second – because of too strong growth in value.

The most popular processors in Russia (by months)

The most popular processors in Russia (by months)

The October processor top 5 includes two new offerings, the Core i5-10400F and the Ryzen 5 2700X, but overall it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone watching the processor market. The most interesting thing will happen next – when representatives of the Ryzen 5000 series begin to appear on sale. The recommended Russian price of the youngest representative of this family, Ryzen 5 5600X, is set at 27,400 rubles, and this could theoretically allow it to be among the processors being purchased. However, whether buyers will vote for it in rubles, statistics will answer in a month.

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