Ryzen 7 4700G onboard graphics rival GeForce GTX 1050

Ryzen 7 4700G onboard graphics rival GeForce GTX 1050

Network sources from the Chinese forum ChipHell shared the results of testing the performance of the overclocked desktop APU AMD Ryzen 7 4700G (Renoir). Moreover, not only the processor itself was overclocked in the next experiments, for which they achieved a frequency of 4.3 GHz with all active cores. Anonymous enthusiasts also overclocked the Vega 8 graphics subsystem, increasing its frequency to an impressive 2.4 GHz, which is 300 MHz higher than the base value.

Obviously, such overclocking had a positive effect on the APU’s performance. In terms of CPU performance, the Ryzen 7 4700G has outperformed the 5GHz Core i7-9900KF of the Coffee Lake generation, and in terms of the GPU it has caught up with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050. These conclusions were made based on 3DMark FireStrike tests.

Unfortunately, the source did not share screenshots of the performance in the synthetic Fire Strike benchmark, but according to him, the result of the Vega 8 graphics subsystem of the AMD processor reached 5100 points. For comparison, the result of the GeForce GTX 1050 in the same test is about 5200 points.

Thus, for users on a budget, you can safely advise buying the Ryzen 7 4700G and then overclocking instead of purchasing an entry-level discrete graphics card. However, here it is necessary to clarify that the performance results of the APU graphics subsystem are very dependent on the speed of the RAM. In this case, we used DDR4-4400 in dual-channel mode, which had a very positive effect on the final test result.

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