Saber and Google create the first AI technology in travel

Saber and Google create the first AI technology in travel. IT Market

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Ekaterina Alexandrova | 10/26/2020

Saber and Google create the first AI technology in travel

Saber Corporation today announced it is partnering with Google to develop the industry’s first artificial intelligence (AI) technology platform.

Saber Travel AI technology leverages Google Cloud’s artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. It will enable Saber customers to quickly provide the most relevant and
personalized content that meets the needs of travelers and unlocks ample opportunities for revenue growth and business profitability. Saber plans to integrate Saber Travel functionality
AI to its range of products in early 2021

The solution is designed to help airlines, agencies, corporations, hotels and other travel companies take their retail and digital customer engagement strategies to the next level.
They will be able to personalize the service by providing travelers with the right offer at the right time and in the right channels. This will help increase your sales conversion and
customer loyalty. Along with retail, this unified approach will enhance distribution as well as implement Saber Travel AI solutions at airports or mobile applications.

Saber customers are expected to be able to seamlessly integrate their own designs with Saber Travel AI in the future. Saber Travel AI will give them access to advanced cloud-based tools that
allow you to prepare and store datasets, supplement them with your own and third-party databases, quickly conduct tests in an experimental environment, create and deploy your own models
machine learning, evaluate their effectiveness, quickly optimize, implement and scale new solutions.

Saber Travel AI will help accelerate Saber’s digital transformation by developing mission-critical products and solutions tailored to the current and future needs of its customers. Company
emphasizes that its strategic partners, including Google, do not have the right to access or use any internal data of the company and its customers. The company has full control over how
this data is stored in the Google Cloud.

Over time, it is planned to introduce Saber Travel AI into all Saber products for omnichannel retail, distribution and services.

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