Sales of DRAM, NAND, automotive chips, and embedded processors will grow fastest this year among all chip categories

Sales of DRAM, NAND, automotive chips, and embedded processors will grow fastest this year among all chip categories

IC Insights analysts have presented a forecast for the most active growth points in the field of chip manufacturing in 2021. All ICs are divided into 33 categories, but the ten most popular ones are usually followed. Sales of the top 10 chips are forecast to grow by double-digit percent year over year in 2021, but the fastest growing will be five categories, including DRAM, NAND, automotive ICs and embedded MCUs.

Having listed the four categories of ICs (integrated circuits) above, we are not mistaken. Automotive ICs themselves fall into two categories: for analog circuits and digital. So, if the average market for integrated circuits in 2021 promises to grow by 12%, then the most active categories will grow more, namely: DRAM – by 18%, NAND – by 17%, analog automotive ICs – by 16%, digital automotive ICs – by 16% and embedded microprocessors – by 15%. The rest of the categories are shown in the table below.

Memory microcircuits are not the first and, obviously, not the last time they have become the most demanded and sold product of the year. This was the case in 2013, 2014, 2017 and 2018. At the same time, this product is subject to cyclical demand and overproduction, which from time to time drops this market literally to the bottom. Actually, in 2019, the DRAM market in terms of annual growth took the last, 33rd place. Well, it’s time to catch up. Fasten seat belts! It looks like the DRAM rally is about to start.

As for the expected growth of the NAND market, it is blamed on the COVID-19 pandemic and changed operating practices. More laptops and tablets were needed on the remote, and the upcoming 5G era will further boost NAND turnover.

Now about car chips. In 2020, the pandemic undermined the personal and non-personal transportation market. This relaxed the chip makers for automotive electronics. So much so that as demand returned at the beginning of 2021, a global shortage of both analog and digital components was formed. The deficit will be gradually eliminated, and the average cost of semiconductors in each new car in 2021 will be $ 550.

The fifth fastest growing category of chips this year will be embedded processors. It grew amid a slowdown in smartphone sales. Qualcomm, Samsung, MediaTek and other players have begun to pay more attention to embedded MCUs, more often 64-bit, which have begun to combine security features, machine learning, AI acceleration, autopilots and much more. All this leads to the automation of production and everyday life, transport and robotics, and a lot of areas where the constant participation of a person becomes unnecessary. And this topic is also in the spotlight, which in the foreseeable future will lead to a significant change in the life of each of us.

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