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Samsung Galaxy A smartphones can get cameras with optical stabilization

It is possible that in the near future Samsung mid-range smartphones will receive a function that until now was present only in flagship devices. This is a camera with an optical image stabilization system (OIS).

Samsung illustrations

Samsung illustrations

OIS technology is already used in such devices of the South Korean giant as the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy S20. This system compensates for camera shake, allowing you to make images sharper and video more smooth.

According to Internet sources, Samsung is thinking about using optical stabilization in the cameras of the Galaxy A Series smartphones. Obviously, this refers to the senior representatives of this family.

It is assumed that the appearance of OIS in mid-range Samsung devices will make such devices more attractive to consumers. Due to this, the South Korean company will be able to increase sales of smartphones, which are declining in a pandemic and a general economic downturn.

The first Galaxy A Series models equipped with an optical stabilization camera may appear on the market in the second half of this year.

We add that according to IDC estimates, in the first quarter of 2020, 6.569 million smartphones were delivered to Russia, which is about 4% lower than a year earlier. Samsung is in second place on the list of leading market players (after Huawei) with a share of about 26%.

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