Samsung has come up with a huge smart bracelet with eye tracking

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) today, July 28, 2020, issued a patent to the South Korean company Samsung for a curious wearable device. It resembles a futuristic bracelet phone.


The document describes a gadget in the form of a wide bracelet designed to be worn on the wrist. The novelty provides for a flexible display that theoretically can cover the entire outer surface of the case.

The main development feature is the user’s eye tracking system based on an array of special sensors. The device will be able to determine which part of the flexible screen the owner is looking at, and dynamically optimize the interface, display certain controls, etc.

In addition, by analyzing the direction of the wearer’s gaze, the bracelet will be able to activate only the desired area of ​​the display. This will conserve battery power and extend battery life.

Note that the patent application was filed back in 2016, but an unusual development has been registered only now. It is not clear yet whether Samsung is going to create a commercial gadget with the described design. Perhaps the device will only exist “on paper”.

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