Samsung has made pre-installed Yandex applications indelible due to fears of violating the law

Samsung has made pre-installed Yandex applications indelible due to fears of violating the law

Samsung has explained to Kommersant why it has made Yandex’s applications installed on smartphones installed as part of the operating system update unremovable.

“The requirements of the law that came into force are unique for the Russian market; the industry has not had such experience yet. In the process of preparing for its execution, we came to the conclusion that the pre-installation of some applications in the “removable” mode with a high degree of probability can be regarded as a violation of the law “, – reported in the press service of Samsung.

According to the law, the manufacturer is obliged to provide non-discriminatory conditions for the use of Russian applications. And for failure to comply with this condition, he will be primarily responsible.

“We are constantly working to ensure the optimal balance between providing the best user experience and compliance with the laws of the Russian Federation, and law enforcement practice will clarify open issues in the subject of mandatory preinstallation.”, – noted in Samsung.

After Samsung, along with the update of the operating system, began to install domestic applications on smartphones, user complaints appeared on social networks that the Yandex.Browser, Yandex.Disk and Yandex.Maps applications installed with the update could not be removed.

Managing Director of “Yandex” Tigran Khudaverdyan, commenting on the appearance of the company’s non-removable services on Samsung smartphones, noted that the law “No non-removability requirement” applications. He stressed that the company has never approached manufacturers with such a requirement and is opposed to such an approach.

The same opinion is held by the Ministry of Digital Science. “Requirements for the pre-installation of Russian programs on technically complex products (smartphones, tablets, computers) are aimed at providing users with the opportunity to choose which applications to use – domestic, foreign or all at once”– said the deputy head of the ministry Maxim Parshin. “And we consider it wrong to install applications that cannot be removed from devices,” He added.

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