Samsung to release 10 OLED laptop screens in 2021 - 13.3 to 16 inches

Samsung to release 10 OLED laptop screens in 2021 – 13.3 to 16 inches

Samsung will begin a large-scale expansion into the laptop market with its OLED screens in 2021. As the resource indicates Computer base, the manufacturer will begin mass production of the new OLED laptop panels as early as February this year. At the upcoming CES 2021, the company plans to show 10 different OLED displays for laptops ranging from 13.3 to 16 inches.

Curiously, Samsung is going to launch a 15.6-inch OLED display with a “people’s” Full HD resolution as the first product, the source indicates. Even though a number of OLED laptops have been released by a number of manufacturers including ASUS, HP and Dell in the past year, most of these solutions have proven to be beyond the reach of the mainstream consumer. In particular, due to the fact that they used very expensive OLED matrices with 4K resolution. By starting with more affordable OLED panels for laptops, Samsung could ultimately increase the popularity of devices with similar displays among consumers.

The manufacturer did not disclose the characteristics of the new OLED panels in detail, however, it said that the new displays will be up to 10 times more responsive than conventional LCD screens. The company has posted a short video showing the benefits promised by the new OLED panels.

The main emphasis in the video is made not on the near-game capabilities of the new displays, but on the quality of the transmitted image.

In particular, it is indicated that Samsung’s new OLED panels for laptops will be able to offer up to 120 percent expanded coverage of the DCI-P3 color space, better black color transmission with a minimum pixel brightness of just 0.0005 cd / m22, a high contrast ratio of up to 1,000,000: 1, and an expanded HDR range of up to 85%.

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