save on large volumes / Peripherals

save on large volumes / Peripherals

Epson’s high-volume office MFPs have switched to replaceable ink tank technology instead of traditional replaceable ink cartridges. This allows you to significantly reduce the cost of printing and the cost of owning the device in general. The manufacturer claims that the savings can reach 50% compared to similar color and black-and-white laser machines and even offers to use a special online calculator that will clearly demonstrate the difference in the cost of ownership of a particular model (depending on your printing needs). compared to competitors’ models.

There are several devices in the Epson RIPS MFP series, one of which we managed to get acquainted with in the Epson equipment showroom. We conducted a full field test of the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-C879RDTWF, evaluating the quality of printing and scanning documents, as well as performance. In addition, we learned in more detail about the technologies used in the new product and, of course, took many interesting photos.

⇡ #Specifications and scope of delivery

Epson WorkForce Pro WF-C879RDTWF (RIPS)
A type IFIs
Functions Print / Scan / Copy / Fax
Print resolution, dots per inch 4800 × 1200
Printing technology Color inkjet, 4 colors.
Black ink nozzles: 800.
Color ink nozzles: 800 per color.
Minimum drop volume: 4.6 pl
Page description language PCL 5, PostScript
Color print speed, pages A4 / A3 per min. Draft: 35/13.
ISO: 25 / n / a
Speed ​​of b / w printing, pages A4 / A3 in min. Draft: 35/13.
ISO: 26 / n / a
Two-sided printing speed, pages A4 / A3 per min. 22/18
First page out time, min. 5.5
Maximum volume, page / month 75,000
Loading paper, sheet. Cassette 1: 250.
Cassette 2-4: 500
Automatic feeder, sheets 150
Output tray, sheet. 250
Paper size A6 — A3 +
Paper weight, g/m2 64 to 300
Paper type Matte, glossy, photo, cards, envelopes
Two-sided printing Automatic
Mobile Printing Yes
A type CIS, color scanning
Resolution (optical), dots per inch 600
Maximum format A3
Capabilities Scan to Mail, Network, USB
Resolution, dots per inch (b / w) 1200 × 2400
Resolution, dots per inch (color) 600 × 1200
Copy speed, A4 ppm B / W: 22;
Color .: 21
A type Portable black and white and color (ITU-T Super Group 3)
Speed, Kbps Up to 33.6
Interface RJ11 for telephone line.
RJ11 for telephone set
General characteristics
Screen Monochrome
Interfaces IEEE 802.3i / u / ab (10/100 / 1000Base-T Ethernet) RJ45;
IEEE 802.3az (Energy Saving Ethernet);
USB 2.0 type B
Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n and Wi-Fi Direct, 2.4 GHz
Security protocols: WEP, WPA2-PSK (AES), WPA3-SAE (AES), WPA2 / WPA3-Enterprise
Protocols used FTP / FTPS, SMB, NetBIOS, HTTP / HTTPS, SMTP, POP3, XMPP, MQTT, LDAP, Kerberos, WSD, ENPC, SNMP, LPR, RAW, IPP / IPPS, WS-Discovery
OS Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10
Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2019
MacOS 10 and above
Power consumption, no more, W Copying: 50.
Ready: 24.
Standby: 1.2.
Off: 0.3
Food 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions (as standard), mm 621 × 941 × 760
Weight (in basic configuration), kg 166.7
Warranty, month 12 (or 300,000 prints)
Estimated price, rub. 261 300

We made the most interesting discovery for ourselves at the very beginning of our acquaintance with the novelty. It turns out that the devices of the RIPS (Replaceable Ink Pack System) series, including the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-C879RDTWF, use not laser, but inkjet printing technology! It is this key feature that has made it possible to radically reduce the cost of printing and the cost of owning the device as a whole. An inkjet printer does not have as many consumables in its design as a laser printer. During the entire life cycle of any RIPS model, only periodic replacement of cartridges and containers for waste ink is required. Inkjet piezoelectric technology does not require warm-up time (it does not use heating at all, unlike laser technology), due to which the time to the first page is reduced. And the power consumption of such an MFP is noticeably lower compared to laser models.

And if it is easy to agree with all of the above arguments, then the stereotype that has developed over the years for an ordinary consumer – home or corporate – about the advantages of printing office documents on a laser in comparison with an inkjet printer is hard to break. Modern Epson inkjet printers use Epson DURABrite Ultra pigment inks for printing. With them, the prints are not only bright and rich, but also water-resistant, resistant to abrasion and fading, they dry instantly and do not smudge when highlighted with a marker. And all this even when printing on ordinary office paper.

Well, the notorious drying of ink in the printer head is true only for occasional rare printing. For models intended for printing a large number of documents, this ailment is definitely not scary. The new MFP is equipped with an Epson PrecisionCore print head with nozzle check and compensation function. That is, if a clogged nozzle is detected (for example, due to paper dust), the printer compensates for the dot by increasing the droplet size at adjacent nozzles, and after the print job is completed, it will automatically start cleaning.

The Epson Precision Core piezoelectric printing system allows you to start printing immediately after turning on the printer: no fuser – no need to warm it up. According to the manufacturer, the user can receive the first printed page in a record 5.5 seconds after sending a print job. But the overall print speed of the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-C879RDTWF is also high. In draft mode, the speed reaches 35 pages per minute for A4 documents. With normal print quality, this figure drops to 25-26 pages per minute.

The total capacity of the built-in trays of the MFP in the standard configuration is 900 sheets, but with the addition of trays installed on the bottom, this value can be increased to 1900. In total, you can mount three additional trays. In this case, the MFP requires installation not on a curbstone or table, as in the standard configuration, but on the floor. In this case, a special stand is used to guarantee a stable position of the device. As with the optional feed trays, the stand can also be purchased separately. All trays are customizable and can be used for A4, A3 or other smaller paper sizes. The output tray is designed for an impressive 250 sheets, which allows you to print even very bulky documents. But you will not be able to increase the capacity of the output tray in any way.

The maximum recommended print volume per month is 75,000 pages. A starter set of ink containers is supplied with the device, which is enough for approximately 700 color and 900 black and white pages. The capacity of standard containers is much larger. Black ink tanks lasts 86,000 pages A4 format, and colored – by 50,000. The cost of one such container with cyan, yellow or magenta ink is about 40.5 thousand, and with black – 31.5 thousand rubles, according to the manufacturer’s calculations, the cost of printing is 0.37 rubles. for b / w prints and 2.44 RUB for colored ( as of March 30, 2021)… For those who do not need such volumes of printing, there are capacities and smaller: for 20,000 pages. There is no drum unit in this device, so you do not need to change it. Additional consumables will be only the waste ink container and (only occasionally) paper feed rollers.

Other characteristics of the MFP are about the same as that of most office MFPs of different types of printing. The Epson WorkForce Pro WF-C879RDTWF works with all types of connections, including Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct for direct direct printing from mobile devices. Also note that the new product works with all possible network protocols, as well as mail and cloud services.

⇡ #Appearance

Epson WorkForce Pro WF-C879RDTWF appearance

Externally, the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-C879RDTWF MFP is almost no different from similar models. In any case, it is impossible to recognize in it not a laser, but an inkjet printer. The layout fully complies with accepted standards for office MFPs. Without additional feed trays, the MFP can be placed on a table or cabinet. Additional trays, depending on their number, increase the height of the case. In the maximum configuration, which we got acquainted with in the Epson showroom, the novelty is installed on a special stand. In this case, the upper part of the MFP with a scanning module and an automatic paper feeder is approximately at the height of an adult’s chest.

Display and control panel

At the same level, there is a control panel with an LCD touch screen and numerous buttons for power management, interrupting a job, resetting settings, quickly navigating to paper settings and job status, as well as contacts. And of course, there is also a digital panel for dialing a number or selecting the number of copied pages.

Changing the angle of the control panel

Despite its large dimensions, the angle of deviation of the panel relative to the vertical can be changed from zero approximately beforeforty-five degrees. Changing the angle of inclination of the panel provides comfortable working conditions for people of any height. Next to the control panel there is a USB port for connecting external storage media, which can be used both for printing documents saved on them, and for saving newly scanned ones.

Automatic Document Feeder for Scanning and Output Tray

The automatic document feeder for scanning and the output tray for them are highlighted in dark color. The ADF has an adjustment mechanism for stacking paper of different widths, and the output tray has a fold-out paper holder to prevent scanned documents from falling to the floor.

Flatbed Scanner Module

The flatbed scanner module with a drop-down cover is also made traditionally. It can be used to scan books, magazines, documents on thick paper and cardboard. But it’s worth noting the comfort in working with this module. Despite the fact that the scanner cover is quite heavy, it is easy and simple to use. The lid travel is smooth and uniform.

Output tray

On the floor below, there is a tray for issuing prints with a pull-out section, which in the novelty has a solid, solid construction. On the tray itself, there are wings that rise with a side slider to support small documents.

Paper feed trays

Below the output tray is the main plain paper tray. It has a size indicator and an adjustment mechanism inside that allows you to stack any size of paper. The additional feed trays below will look the same. Each tray has an opening at the back for clearing jammed paper.

Fully loaded MFP

With the optional feed trays and stand, the look of the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-C879RDTWF MFP is complete. The trays have exactly the same dimensions as the MFP itself, and even exactly repeat the contours of the case.

Optional feed tray

Another tray for feeding paper is located at the back – at the top of the case. Unlike all other trays, it is vertical. You can use this tray to print on heavy media, photo paper, custom sizes, and oversized media that simply cannot fit in the standard trays.

Interfaces on the back of the MFP

All connectors and interfaces are located under this tray on the back of the MFP. On one side there is a USB B-type port for direct connection of the device to a PC and an RJ45 Ethernet port. Well, on the other side of the input tray there are RJ11 ports for connecting a fax and a connector for a power cable.

Compartment with ink tanks

Compartment with ink tanks

Starter ink kits

Standard volume ink sets

The door that opens access to the compartment with the ink tanks is located on the front panel of the case. The containers are soft rectangular bags stacked in special plastic trays. Changing such a container to a new one does not require either special knowledge or any skills: they pulled out the old one, installed a new one and put the container back in. That’s the whole replacement process.

Waste ink bottle

Waste ink bottle

To gain access to one more consumable item Epson WorkForce Pro WF-C879RDTWF, you need to open the rear panel of the case. This is a small container for collecting waste ink. It is replaced as easily as ink tanks.

Paper feed mechanism

Automatic Document Feeder Mechanism for Scanner

Automatic Document Feeder Mechanism for Scanner

Here, behind the back panel, you can see the entire paper feed mechanism, which can be pulled out, cleaned if necessary, or pulled out the paper jammed in it, if this happens. You can also open the document feeder cover for the scanner in the same way.

In general, the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-C879RDTWF deserves the highest marks for the quality of workmanship, thoughtful design and convenient access to all internal elements of the MFP Epson WorkForce Pro WF-C879RDTWF. Well, the minimum number of consumables is a separate huge plus and advantage over laser counterparts.

⇡ #Connectivity and capabilities

Installing a complete set of drivers and utilities takes a lot of time, but it does not require anything from the user except confirmation. Also, the initial search for the device on the network and its configuration takes place in automatic mode. You won’t have to call the system administrator for help. The latter will only be needed to configure access control to the MFP or, for example, to create an address book. Everything else can be done by anyone who has at least once encountered the settings of a home printer and scanner.

Print settings

Epson WorkForce Pro WF-C879RDTWF has a lot of print settings. The main page contains only the main ones. Here you can select the print type, paper size and type, number of sides to print, number of pages per sheet and scale, image quality. Three options are available: draft, standard, and high. On the next page, the user is asked to select the direction of printing, adjust the watermarks, if necessary, and correct the colors. A separate window is highlighted for additional settings. Note that the printer has a quiet printing mode, which decreases productivity, but significantly reduces the noise level.

In the properties of the MFP, you can find out about the remaining amount of ink, print queue, current status of the device and its settings. Here everything is the same as in most similar office devices.

Scanner settings are also not much different from those of other MFP models. Here you can set up one-sided or two-sided scanning, select the image type, file format and, of course, the resolution, which can vary from 75 to 1200 dpi.

Both copying and scanning, and even setting up the MFP can be carried out from directly behind its control panel. The Epson WorkForce Pro WF-C879RDTWF touchscreen LCD is easy to use. It is full-fledged, hard-coated and does not squeeze through like some other office MFPs. The multi-page menu is fully Russified, without errors, inaccuracies and translation oddities.

Copy settings

In the settings for copying and printing (the last action is available from a connected USB-drive or cloud service), the user can select the print quality, set the paper type, adjust the scale and even carry out color correction.

There are also a lot of settings for the scan operation.

When scanning, you can select the resolution, file format, scan type, saturation and many other parameters. But most importantly, you can choose where to save the files. This can be a network FTP folder, a remote storage on the network, an email address, a cloud storage, a plug-in USB drive, or a WSD transfer.

It is not possible to describe all the control capabilities of the MFP built-in interface within the framework of this review. Suffice it to say that the manufacturer managed to make the device relatively independent from the computers connected to it, capable of working with any external storage media or mobile devices connected to it directly. At the same time, we did not notice any difficulties in setting up, questions or the need to refer to the user manual during testing.

⇡ #Testing

Testing the MFP consisted of checking the print speed and assessing the quality of the resulting prints. Для проверки скорости печати было распечатано 15 листов из файла формата PDF с пятипроцентным заполнением текстом. Средняя скорость печати документа формата А4 с одной стороны листа в стандартном качестве составила чуть более 24 стр./мин, то есть 2,5 с на страницу. При этом первая страница была выведена примерно за 6 с. В черновом режиме работы страница А4 печатается со скоростью 36 стр./мин, что даже быстрее заявленного значения в 35 стр./мин.


Время печати, с

(последующие стр. / первая стр.)

Скорость, стр./мин

Печать текстового документа (на одной стороне листа)

Ч/б печать, качество наивысшее А4

2,5 / 6,0


Ч/б печать, качество черновик А4

1,7 / 6,0


Печать пакета офисных документов (на одной стороне листа)

Ч/б печать, качество стандарт

4,6 / 8,0


Ч/б печать, качество черновик

3,3 / 8,0


Печать графиков, таблиц и текстов с рисунками медленнее печати пятипроцентного эталона менее чем в два раза, что весьма неплохо. В целом продемонстрированной скорости работы вполне достаточно для выполнения задач небольшим офисом.

Второй этап тестирования заключался в проверке качества печати. И текстовые, и графические документы МФУ печатает без малейших искажений, расплывшихся или подтекающих чернил. Если краски при печати использовалось немного (тексты, графики и любые другие документы с невысоким процентом заполнения чернилами), то отпечаток из принтера выходит полностью сухой и готовый к дальнейшей работе. Если печатаются фотографии, заполненные цветом гистограммы или любые другие подобные изображения, то лучше подождать минуту до полного высыхания чернил, так как обычная бумага плотностью 80 г/м2 при этом становится чуть влажной. В остальном никаких отличий при печати от лазерного принтера не замечено. Для печати изображений лучше выбирать максимальное качество печати. Для текстов и графиков, а также изображений без плавных переходов цветов и мелких элементов достаточно использовать стандартное качество. Ну а режим печати в черновике позволяет существенно сэкономить тонер. Отпечаток при этом получается блёклым, но вполне читаемым.

Ниже вы можете оценить качество получаемых отпечатков разного типа с различным качеством печати. Все представленные в материале тестовые отпечатки были сделаны на офисной бумаге формата А4 плотностью 80 г/м2, после чего были отсканированы с разрешением 600 dpi и сохранены в программе Adobe Photoshop в формате JPG с максимальным качеством.

Пример печати текстового документа в черновом (слева), стандартном (по центру) и наилучшем (справа) качеством

Увеличение полученных изображений до натуральной величины с указанием вырезанной области (слева для печати в черновом, в центре – стандартном и справа – наилучшем качестве)

Печать графики с наилучшим качеством

Увеличение полученных изображений до натуральной величины с указанием вырезанной области

Тестирование печати листа с однородной заливкой чёрным цветом также не вызвало никаких нареканий. Какие-либо искажения фона отсутствуют. То же относится и к заливке однородными цветами. Отсканированные примеры таких отпечатков представлены ниже.

Пример печати чёрного фона и однородных цветов с наивысшим качеством печати

Но так как перед нами оказался не лазерный, а струйный принтер, мы не могли удержаться и не напечатать на нём пару фотографий на фотобумаге. Конечно, модель Epson WorkForce Pro WF-C879RDTWF не предназначена для печати фотографий, но фотобумагу в настройках печати выбрать можно. Ниже представлены два отпечатка, сделанные с наилучшим качеством без каких-либо дополнительных настроек и обработок.

Пример печати фотографий

На отпечатках присутствуют небольшие шумы, но они не критичны. Единственный недостаток заключается в искажении цветопередачи, но он исправляется программным способом. Да, этот МФУ не предназначен для печати высокохудожественного фото, но для фотопечати, применимой в книгах, брошюрах и презентациях, его возможностей будет вполне достаточно.

Всё то же самое можно сказать и про качество сканирования. Документы получаются резкими, с высокой детализацией и без малейших искажений в цветовой гамме. Ниже вы можете посмотреть примеры сканированного изображения с разрешением 600 dpi, сохранённого в формате JPG с максимальным качеством.

Примеры отсканированных документов

Увеличение участков полученного изображения до натуральной величины с указанием вырезанной области

За всё время тестирования МФУ не случилось ни одного замятия или повреждения бумаги. Ну а по уровню шума модель Epson WorkForce Pro WF-C879RDTWF заметно тише, чем лазерные аналоги. Если активировать режим тихой печати, то работать с устройством можно даже, например, на презентациях, где требуется тишина в зале.


Выпустив серию офисных МФУ RIPS, компания Epson разбивает сложившиеся стереотипы по поводу непревзойдённости лазерных принтеров в корпоративной среде. Струйная технология печати не только не изжила себя, но и, вероятно, во многих случаях может стать более экономичной и не менее эффективной заменой.

Если говорить про конкретную модель МФУ Epson WorkForce Pro WF-C879RDTWF, то к её достоинствам стоит отнести:

  • высокое качество изготовления;
  • продуманный дизайн и удобство работы с МФУ;
  • малое количество заменяемых компонентов;
  • огромные ёмкости с чернилами;
  • экономичную печать;
  • высокую производительность;
  • высокое качество печати и сканирования;
  • возможность печати на бумаге очень высокой плотности и фотобумаге;
  • возможность печати на очень длинных носителях;
  • удобный интегрированный интерфейс;
  • наличие всех возможных способов подключения, включая прямую печать с мобильных устройств;
  • полный спектр сетевых протоколов и функций администрирования.

При этом стоимость владения устройством существенно ниже, чем у аналогичного лазерного принтера от любого производителя. Это повод задуматься, если вы только собираетесь приобрести МФУ в свой офис.

Если Вы заметили ошибку — выделите ее мышью и нажмите CTRL+ENTER.

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