Sberbank and Group began to split the joint venture

Sberbank and Group began to split the joint venture

Sberbank and Group are ready to split the assets of the joint venture created in 2019, the Financial Times reported, citing its own sources. According to informants, the companies have approached the authorities with a request for an informal division of the joint venture, which is engaged in business in the field of transport and food.

According to sources, the reason for this decision was the emergence of disagreements over the future development strategy of the joint venture. Recall that rumors about a possible “divorce” of the two companies appeared on the Web last fall. And their source was also the Financial Times.

In response to a request to comment on the message of the American newspaper, the press service of Sberbank told TASS that the cost of the joint venture between Sberbank and Group is much higher than the funds invested in it, and the companies are equal partners in it.

“The companies that make up our O2O business are actively and successfully developing. Already today, the value of our joint business is much higher than the investments made in it, which is a great value for our shareholders. Group has experience in creating complex IT solutions, custom digital products and is now our equal partner in the O2O joint venture “, – reported the press service of the bank. It was noted in it that the ecosystem created by the bank offers clients services that are closely interconnected with each other, rather than developing separately. “All our digital assets, such as Sber-ID, Sber-Spasibo, Sber-Prime and others, are developing in synergy with each other,” – said the press service of Sberbank.

At the same time, Sberbank did not clarify the reports of disagreements and a possible division of assets with Group. In turn, the representative of Group declined to comment.

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