IT-Weekly review: Sberbank wants to release its cryptocurrency in the spring, Samsung Electronics vice president received 2.5 years in prison ...

Sberbank wants to release its cryptocurrency in the spring, the vice president of Samsung Electronics received 2.5 years in prison …

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Gennady Belash | 01.24.2021

IT-Weekly review: Sberbank wants to release its cryptocurrency in the spring, Samsung Electronics vice president received 2.5 years in prison ...

Sberbank wants to issue your cryptocurrency in the spring. He applied to the Bank
Russia to register its blockchain platform in early January, since digital financial assets, in accordance with the law, can be issued on a registered platform. Technically bank
ready to work with fiat currencies and has successfully conducted internal tests.

Vice President Samsung Electronics got 2.5 years in prison Lee Ji Young gave
a bribe to a close friend of former President Park Geun-hye in exchange for government support for the merger of Samsung subsidiaries. Lee Jae Young is detained

Each third company over the past year invited those who left
employees return to their previous place
… More often than others, Russians over 45 and employees with an income of over 80 thousand rubles return to their old jobs.

LG: it’s time to decide the fate of a losing business for the production
According to analysts, the situation may lead to both its closure and the sale of some parts. It should be noted that against the background of the news, the company’s shares rose by 12.8%. If
the mobile division is phased out, LG’s market capitalization will increase by about 4 trillion won, while the company can focus on developing the production of parts for electric vehicles and
invest more resources in a JV with Magna International.

Rocketbank closed finally.

Now a few words about what happened in the financial markets last week.

At the end of the week, financial markets predominantly showed upward dynamics, playing back the first steps of Joe Biden as US President. At the end of trading on Thursday, Brent retained its positions
above the level of $ 56 per barrel, gold quotations in connection with the leveling of fears about a new rebellion in the United States decreased by 0.06%, but remained within the range of $ 1,850 – 1,870 per troy

Positive dynamics was observed on the foreign exchange market by the end of trading on Thursday: the EUR / USD pair rose by 0.51% to the level of 1.2151, the GBP / USD pair crossed the 1.3700 mark. The ruble lost its position as
the US dollar and the euro, ending trading at 73.93 and 89.84, respectively.

Joe Biden’s inauguration has not become a strong growth driver, as his assumption of office has long been embedded in the quotes of financial instruments.


Zecurion, a Russian cybersecurity solutions developer, has partnered with BD Software, an IT distributor in India …

“Marvel-Distribution” automated the negotiation of contracts in the EDMS Docsvision

The Digital Design company has implemented an electronic document management system based on the Docsvision platform in the Marvel-Distribution company.

The system employs about 300 users. The main tasks of the new system are to automate the process of negotiating contracts, automated processing of primary accounting documents,
approval of powers of attorney, creation of a single repository of contractual and primary accounting documents.

Marvel Distribution has more than 4500 dealers, therefore the process of negotiating contracts is one of the most important components of interaction with partners. Each document goes through several stages
approval in various departments, therefore it was required to reduce the load on users and shift the definition and formation of the approval route, depending on the type of document, to
document management system.

The specialists of Digital Design, together with the automation department of Marvel Distribution, have integrated with 1C to synchronize the employee directory and obtain data on existing
powers of attorney and ERP system for the transfer of financial documents. The system helps to process and check the power of attorney of external customers for relevance and to carry out a comparison with the signed
primary accounting documentation.

OCS Distribution offers Russian IT-channel full range of products

and services of its new vendor – F5 corporation. F5 is a multicloud security and application delivery company. The vendor’s products allow customers, among
which businesses, financial institutions, service providers, and government agencies, bring unique digital solutions to life. F5 offers the most comprehensive range of application services in
industry – this has been achieved thanks in part to two recent acquisitions.

RRC Group announced that it has signed a partnership agreement with Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems S.p.A… (hereinafter – MEHITS).

RRC will promote MEHITS solutions for air conditioning and heating, as well as cooling for IT facilities in Russia. With MEHITS products, RRC partners can
implement projects that require maintaining the required parameters of temperature, humidity, air quality and noise level and thereby increase the profitability of real estate. Systems
Data Center Cooling from MEHITS is an effective tool to keep your server infrastructure running smoothly and to reduce operating costs.

OCS begins pushing Login VSI load testing solution

OCS Distribution presented to the IT channel a software solution from Login VSI, a developer of a platform for testing performance, availability and load on infrastructure, as well as
application compatibility. Login Enterprise helps customers’ IT professionals assess the impact of current or future changes in physical, virtual, and cloud-based work environments and accept
balanced decisions that reduce risks and ensure business continuity.

New products

PIX Robotics Developers Release PIX RPA Platform

with ML (Machine learning) module. Advanced functionality allows robots to use analytics tools and other technologies to independently search, process and store information.

Now all platform users have the opportunity to create robots with a built-in learning ability. When starting the robot, one of two options can be selected for RPA training –
classification algorithm and value prediction algorithm. Each has its own advantages.

“Rubekap”, Russian developer of backup tools, Astra Linux Group of Companies and “Baikal Electronics” report successful completion of back-up compatibility tests
copying RuBackup with high-speed energy-efficient Baikal-M processors running Astra Linux OS.

Oracle APEX Application Development Platform

with minimal coding is now available as a managed cloud service. Oracle APEX Application Service
based on the APEX platform. Half a million developers use it as a tool to create mobile and web applications. APEX platform available as part of Oracle Database
Database, and the new APEX Application Development platform is a separate service that supports many applications. The service works on the basis of the cloud infrastructure Oracle Cloud
Infrastructure (OCI) and supports over 500 users, unlimited applications, and elastic scalability. Service cost starts from $ 360 per month. According to
recent research by Pique SolutionsOracle APEX allows you to develop
enterprise applications 38 times faster without the need to learn complex technologies.

Results of activities

SAP SE has released preliminary financial results for the fourth quarter and the results of the year ended December 31, 2020.
Results of the fourth quarter

Cloud revenue (IFRS) increased by 8% and 13% (non-IFRS in constant currency); revenue from software licenses decreased by 15% (according to IFRS) and by 11% (not according to IFRS); cloud revenue and
Software decreased by 4% (according to IFRS) and increased by 1% (not according to IFRS); operating profit increased by 26% (IFRS) and 3% (non-IFRS); operating margin increased by 9.1 p.p. (according to IFRS) and by 1.5 p.p. (not by
IFRS in constant currency) /
Results of the year

Operating cash flow is expected to be around € 7.0 billion, roughly double compared to last year. The projected free cash flow will be around 5.9 billion euros.
The main focus of 2021 is accelerating the transition to the cloud.

Information Security

InfoWatch and InfoWatch ARMA, members of InfoWatch Group of Companies, received grants

from the Russian Fund for the Development of Information Technologies (RFRIT), created to support the development and promotion of Russian software in ICT.

Funds received by InfoWatch will be used to develop the functionality of the InfoWatch Traffic Monitor DLP system, which has no analogues in the world. New features will allow you to automate
activities of information security officers in setting up and updating security policies of the DLP system, thus significantly increasing the level of information security for large and medium-sized Russian
enterprises. DLP system policies, along with the analysis technologies implemented in the system, ultimately determine the quality of data protection of an organization or enterprise.


SAP and the Russian company Loginet,

operating in the market of online transport platforms in Russia and the CIS, will develop an integrated transportation management solution based on SAP Transportation Management (TM) and cloud
platform “Loginet”. The system will allow SAP TM users to access a wider network of proven transport service providers, as well as optimize their logistics and
minimize the risks of disruption of transportation. Thus, shippers will be able to choose the most cost-effective transportation from a larger number of logistics companies.

ANT Technologies transferred Metro Group Logistics warehouse under the management of WMS Logistics Vision Suite

The platform for imported goods at the Metro Group Logistics warehouse complex in Noginsk was launched under the control of the Logistics Vision Suite WMS system. All Metro Group distribution center platforms
Logistics are consistently transferred to work with WMS LVS.

The automated site operates on a centralized drain system that processes imported goods, the so-called “dry” food products, non-food products. In stock
an address storage system has been organized, areas for rack and floor storage have been allocated. The warehouse is equipped with racks, it is planned to equip the warehouse space with shuttles.


MTS Bank and Fintech platform TalkBank announced

on the beginning of cooperation to create a joint bot in messengers – MTS TalkBank. It will help users issue bank cards, manage financial services and other services.
ecosystem of MTS in a dialogue mode in messengers – by voice or text. Unlike chats in mobile banks, the chatbot responds instantly and works 24/7.

At the initial stage, the bot will help to instantly issue a virtual prepaid card MTS Cashback
from MTS Bank and make transfers. By the end of 2021, the bot will learn how to issue applications for loans, deposits, insurance and open accounts. The launch of MTS TalkBank is planned at the beginning of the second
quarter of 2021, first in Telegram, and then in other messengers.

VTB Bank will use the domestic development of a resident of the Skolkovo Foundation cluster Test IT to solve testing problems and
software quality assurance. VTB received licenses for 5 years. The Test IT system helps to reduce the time to support the test model by 30-40%, reduce time and financial costs for
development and testing cycle by 10-15%, control the quality of work of remote teams. A unified test management system will be deployed across the entire IT block of VTB Bank.

One of the largest European banks BNP Paribas has chosen Orange Business Services to modernize IT infrastructure and deploy SD-WAN. Network
will unite 1.8 thousand bank branches in France. This solution will accelerate the digital transformation of the bank and expand the possibilities for launching new services.

Raiffeisenbank customers can now open a legal entity’s current account in the mobile application… The function is available on mobile devices based on the Android operating system. For this in
In the mobile application, you need to indicate information about the sole managing body, founders and beneficiaries of the company, the size of shares, and also attach the charter.

Mosmetro, in partnership with VTB, Google, Samsung and Mastercard, have launched a virtual Troika

In the Moscow metro, a virtual Troika is being introduced – a transport card, the issue and use of which is carried out using a smartphone without the use of a plastic carrier. Late 2020
The Metro, VTB, Google, Samsung and Mastercard have successfully completed laboratory tests and moved on to introducing the service into the metro infrastructure. The first closed launch is already at twenty
metro stations for tickets valid for 30, 90 and 365 days. During the test, the number of stations and ticket types will constantly increase.

MTS launches an affiliate program to find startups

for third party companies. Scouts of the MTS StartUp Hub Innovation and Investment Center will select projects that take advantage of 5G technology to offer their developments to partner corporations and
subdivisions of MTS.

The program is open to projects from entertainment, media, industry 4.0, e-health, as well as AR / VR services for business. Selected startups will complete the program
incubation at the MTS 5G Center at VDNKh, within which they will have access to training, test sites, access to API and other development tools based on the company’s infrastructure. Best solutions
will receive up to 500 thousand rubles from MTS in the form of a grant.

Graduates of the MTS 5G Center will be able to launch a pilot project both with MTS and with partner companies of the program. MTS will provide consulting and technological assistance at the stage of launching the pilot with
partner business. The search for startups will last until February 26.

Diasoft and Rosbank announce the implementation of a project to implement in the bank

new corporate platform – Digital Q Consumer and Corporate Products. The platform will be replicated to all branches of the bank. Its functionality will allow Rosbank to implement
strategic plans to expand the business in terms of lending and maintaining bank account agreements for legal entities.


ER-Telecom Holding JSC has created a portal with surveillance cameras – “Russia in video online”. Total will be
over 90 surveillance cameras have been installed in 43 cities of Russia – from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad. Today you can follow the link The broadcast is available around the clock.

“NPO” Digital Television Systems ”

(as part of the Technopolis GS cluster, Gusev, Kaliningrad region) won the competition of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation for a state subsidy for the development and
organization of serial production of subscriber equipment for a multi-service digital platform for home wireless networks.

The project provides for the serial production of devices that combine the functionality of a home media server, a smart home controller and a network router, in several modifications. These
devices will support widespread content delivery standards, provide support for mesh networks, software integration with smart home solutions, etc. In total,
several dozen applications.

It is planned that the project will be implemented by June 30, 2025.The first device should be put into mass production in 2021. Products will be presented in the EurAsEC and distant

Beeline informs about the completion of the project to improve the quality and availability of mobile Internet in Moscow… The company has completed the process of redistributing the frequency range 2100 from
3G networks to 4G – UL2100 refarming. The implementation of the project made it possible to expand the used frequency range in the LTE network from 30 to 45 MHz, which led to an increase in the average speed of mobile Internet
by more than 30%, and the peak speed can now reach up to 350 Mbps.

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation has summed up the results of connecting socially significant objects to the Internet in 2020.

Most of the connections in 2020 fell on feldsher-midwife stations (about 8.9 thousand), educational institutions (about 8.4 thousand) and government and local authorities.
self-government (about 3.9 thousand). In addition, 3 thousand election commissions, more than 2 thousand objects of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Russian Guard, as well as almost 400 state and municipal
cultural organizations.

State and municipal cultural organizations were additionally included in the list of types of SZO connected to the Internet, in accordance with the order of the Government of the Russian Federation of October 20, 2020 No.
2718-p. The main part of cultural organizations planned for connection (6 thousand objects) will receive access to the Network in 2021


AliExpress Russia opened a media center for local sellers

The marketplace now has a built-in service for storing and processing photos – “Media Center”. В отличие от многих других облачных сервисов, которые позволяют обрабатывать и хранить бесплатно до 10
Гб файлов, емкость «Медиацентра» составит 50 Гб. В результате российские продавцы AliExpress смогут подготовить и хранить десятки тысяч изображений для оформления магазина и карточек товара, не
покидая платформу.

По данным AliExpress, конверсия в покупку у товаров с качественными снимками выше на 12%: чем качественней и четче фотография, которую видят покупатели в поисковой выдаче, тем чаще они переходят на
страницу с описанием продукции и покупают ее. У среднего и крупного бизнеса подготовка изображений для онлайн-продаж не вызывает проблем, ведь компании такого масштаба могут позволить себе услуги
фотографа и дизайнера. Самозанятые, индивидуальные предприниматели и небольшие компании часто решают вопрос собственными ресурсами, из-за чего может страдать качество.

В 2020 году продажи российских товаров на Wildberries увеличились на 111%

до 169,8 млрд руб., рост в штуках составил 189%. Самая популярная продукция отечественного производства – одежда и обувь, товары для красоты и здоровья, продукты питания, книги и товары для дома.

Число продавцов на Wildberries за год выросло в 5 раз до 91 000, из которых 75-80% являются представителями СМБ и самозанятые. Высокая динамика прироста количества предпринимателей связано с
упрощением процедуры регистрации новых поставщиков на торговой платформе Wildberries, которая теперь занимает не более 5 минут.

Активнее всего к Wildberries подключались предприниматели из Республик Бурятия (рост числа предпринимателей год к году в 11 раз), Хакасия (в 10 раз), Якутия (в 8 раз) и Калмыкия (в 7 раз), а также
из Забайкальского края (в 6 раз).


Softline помогла горно-металлургической компании ЕВРАЗ автоматизировать бизнес-процессы по работе с рекламациями

Softline завершила разработку и внедрение системы учета рекламаций в компании ЕВРАЗ. В рамках проекта были настроены портал самообслуживания для фиксации рекламаций и система для их дальнейшей
обработки в процессе проведения претензионной работы. Настройку системы, реализованной на платформе Creatio, специалисты Softline провели с учетом специфики и особенности горно-металлургической

ЕВРАЗ – вертикально-интегрированная металлургическая и горнодобывающая компания с активами в России, США, Канаде, Чехии и Казахстане – одна из ведущих мировых производителей стали.

Компания «Аванпост» объявила об успешно проведенной миграции

системы управления и контроля доступа АО «Мосводоканал» на платформу Avanpost IDM 6. В ходе модернизации системы были реализованы новые процессы управления доступом к единой системе электронного
документооборота. В настоящее время под управлением Avanpost IDM находится более 5 000 учетных записей пользователей.

Softline покупает ИТ-компанию в Индии

Softline объявляет о приобретении Embee. Эта индийская IT-компания специализируется на предоставлении облачных услуг, лицензировании ПО, на решениях в сфере кибербезопасности и на сервисах
системной интеграции. Покупка Embee значительно усилит позиции Softline на одном из самых быстрорастущих рынков мира (альянс сделает группу вторым по объему продаж LSP- и CSP-партнером Microsoft в
Индии), а также позволит продвигать на глобальный рынок продукты и решения, созданные в России.

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