Schneider Electric has evaluated the sales and warehouses of its distributors

Kateryna Alexandrov

Schneider Electric, a Russian division, outsourced the collection, consolidation and analysis of sales and stock status of its distributors to Oracle Cloud.

To collect sales data across several dozen distributors and to conduct business analysis of the information obtained, Schneider Electric’s Russian division needs a modern integrated solution.
Prior to launching the project, the data was required from partners in an Excel format of a given form and then processed manually. This process was extremely time consuming and contained a large number

The choice of Oracle Cloud platform and infrastructure services has made it possible to implement the optimal enterprise-class architecture at low overall cost of ownership. Data integration is ongoing
with Oracle Data Integrator Enterprise Edition, Oracle Cloud Service – High Performance Cloud Based Storage and Analytics
Oracle Analytics Package and Cloud is an enterprise that leverages Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) capabilities.

As a result of the project, over 90% of all data is now automatically collected and processed. This allowed to dramatically reduce the number of errors in the data collection, eliminate
a time-consuming process of manually consolidating data and improving efficiency and accuracy, leading to more informed management decisions.

Unified Repository consolidates distributor and customer information, resale and warehouse levels. Schneider Electric’s authorized employees can view the sections they need
information through pre-configured dashboards and reports. In self-service mode, users can easily generate and report custom reports
advanced data analysis.

The company emphasized that such analytics make it possible to identify trends in the market and to respond more quickly to the needs of partners and customers. Today, most analysts
a promising and sought-after destination, a gold streak and an important tool. Data-driven individuals receive significant growth acceleration.

The project partner is the Oracle Gold Partner DBI Integrator. The main part of the project was implemented within three months. Partner specialists performed the whole complex
work on the implementation and further support and development of the project, which is planned to connect to the system of new distributors, adding external data sources,
expand the reporting system and integrate with other customer departments. Based on this project, DBI is developing a repeatable solution.

Oracle Analytics Cloud is a unified platform that is central to Oracle Analytics. Oracle Analytics Cloud provides managed analytics to business users
tools for self-service preparation, visualization, advanced analysis and word processing in natural language.

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