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Scientists from Russia create an advanced biodegradable alloy for bone implants

MISiS National Research Technological University (NUST MISiS) announced the creation of an innovative biodegradable alloy for bone implants used in fractures, osteoporosis and myeloma.

Illustrations of NUST “MISiS”

Illustrations of NUST “MISiS”

This is a material that gradually dissolves and is replaced by body tissues. This minimizes the inflammation of the surrounding tissue caused by the implant and eliminates the need for foreign body removal surgery.

The proposed alloy is made on the basis of magnesium, gallium and zinc. In addition to Russian scientists, researchers from the University of Western Australia took part in the development of this material.

The alloy can be used for osteosynthesis in cases where the treatment of diseases associated with the destruction and reduction of bone strength is additionally required.

An implant from it can become a temporary “skeleton” safe for the patient to replace damaged bone, and as the bone tissue grows, which stimulates the implant material itself, it will “dissolve” by the body“, – says the publication of NUST” MISiS. “

The new development has one more advantage. The alloy has a low rate of biocorrosion, and therefore does not decompose too quickly in the body. Plus, the material has an antibacterial effect, which is especially important in implantology.

Now scientists are completing a series of laboratory experiments and are preparing for the preclinical phase of research.

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