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Scientists have learned how to create wood in test tubes – this will allow you to grow finished furniture

Green initiatives go far beyond energy and transport issues. Deforestation for the furniture and construction industries also has a detrimental effect on the environment and exacerbates the greenhouse effect. An interesting alternative to natural wood is test-tube-grown wood. Moreover, you can grow something ready at once – a board and even a table. Research in this area has just begun, but the prospects are tempting.

Image source: fastcompany

Image source: fastcompany

In a recently published article in the Journal of Cleaner Production, the researchers detailed how they grew woody plant tissue from cells extracted from zinnia leaves without soil or sunlight. “Plant cells are like stem cells, Said Luis Fernando Velásquez-García, chief scientist at MIT’s Microsystems Technology Laboratory and co-author of the article. – They have the potential to be different. “

We have already heard about the mass of experiments on growing meat in a test tube. But this is a complex and costly process, while growing plant cells in vitro is much easier and may well become commercially feasible in the near future. Wood in the laboratory can be grown in any shape from planks to finished furniture, drastically reducing production waste.

Another question, which scientists have not yet answered: how long will all this take? This will probably be faster than the natural growth of the tree, but the days and weeks of maintaining the necessary growth conditions will significantly affect the price of the artificial tree, while cutting down will cost conditional pennies.

Getting ready-made wood from a test tube would be a good alternative to deforestation and would eliminate the ubiquitous plastic in decor, construction and architecture. Finally, there are projects even for making space satellites from wood. Is there an artificial alternative to wood?

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