Sennheiser unveils retro HD 25 headphones to celebrate anniversary

Sennheiser unveils retro HD 25 headphones to celebrate anniversary

To celebrate its 75th anniversary, Sennheiser is releasing a limited version of its professional HD 25 series headphones. Unlike the classic design of this model in full black, the limited edition will come with a pair of bright yellow ear pads, as in Sennheiser’s other iconic brainchild – HD 414. The company also reduces the price of headphones from $ 149 to $ 99, selling the model in a limited edition.

The catch is that guaranteed to get a limited version of Sennheiser headphones is not so simple – specifically, such a “retro” position is not on sale. Instead, if you like the new product, you will have to order the usual HD 25 in the official Sennheiser store and cross your fingers in the hope of getting headphones from a limited edition. The manufacturer claims that it will release a total of 25,000 pairs of limited edition, which will be sold worldwide.

The Sennheiser HD 25 headphone model has its own rather interesting story. According to Sennheiser, the headphones were used by British Airways passengers on Concorde supersonic aircraft between 1989 and 2004. And these audio devices have proven themselves in a loud environment. They do not have active noise cancellation, like many modern headphones, but Sennheiser says their design is great for passively blocking background noise – convenient when traveling on a supersonic airplane that creates sonic booms. The same quality made Sennheiser HD 25 popular with many DJs.

Another model – HD 414 dates from an even earlier appearance – in 1968, and, according to CNET, it was the first open-type headphone in the world, and just with yellow ear pads. Sennheiser no longer produces the HD414, but during its heyday, they were reportedly one of the best-selling headphones of all time.

Sennheiser’s limited HD 25 series will be available until the end of June, after which their price will return to the standard bar of $ 149.95.

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