Shadow of the Colossus-inspired Action Praey for the Gods Delayed Until April

Shadow of the Colossus-inspired Action Praey for the Gods Delayed Until April

No Matter’s action-adventure Praey for the Gods was slated to hit PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Xbox One in Q1 2021 (the game is now in Early Access on Steam). However, the first quarter ends, and therefore the developers have shared fresh information and details. In particular, they plan to launch around the middle or end of April.

The team reported: “In the fall of 2020, we released a trailer with the announcement of the version PS5 and the estimated release date for version 1.0 from Early Access in the first quarter of 2021. We are close to this window. In fact, we could have launched in March, perhaps earlier, even with all the problems we were dealing with, but we decided that it would be better to polish the game a little more, instead of releasing the build in a raw form. So let’s shift our expectations and focus on the middle or end of April “

As for the new content coming in version 1.0, No Matter Studios said that it will focus on the final versions of boss battles, which turned out to be a huge achievement for the developers, both from a technical point of view and content. In addition, the team promises a lot from a previously unrealized list of tasks: these are additional story content, missions, and an improvement in the development of the universe, and collectibles. In terms of innovation compared to the Early Access version, we are talking about something like an expansion pack for the main game – the studio is very proud of what it has managed to achieve.

Recall: the action of Praey for the Gods takes place in an open world, and the player acts as a lonely heroine, sent to the edge of a dying and frozen world to reveal the secret of endless winter. She has to overcome enormous dangers in order to restore the balance of the world. “Why doesn’t winter stop? Why didn’t anyone come back? The mysterious drawings left behind hint at a story that was once thought forgotten. On his way, the hero will face questions to which even the gods do not know the answer “, – reports the description.

The ruins of an ancient civilization lie around, and at any moment snow storms can begin that will bury the wanderer. You have to overcome various obstacles and climb huge monsters. At the same time, you can visit almost any place, including ruins and mountains. To discover secrets and treasures, you have to swim – but staying in cold water is life-threatening. Along the way, you will have to make fires, look for food and items necessary to survive in an eternal winter.

While Praey for the Gods is not announced for the Xbox Series X and S, and the developers can not answer whether there will be a version optimized for the new Microsoft consoles, or if players will have to be content with backward compatibility with the Xbox One. There are over a thousand responses on the Steam Early Access page of the game, and 87% of them are positive.

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