Siemens unveils first industrial 5G router

Siemens unveils first industrial 5G router


Ekaterina Alexandrova | 12/07/2020

Siemens unveils first industrial 5G router

Siemens unveiled the first industrial 5G router to connect local industrial systems to public 5G networks.

SCALANCE MUM856-1 allows you to connect to local production, such as industrial equipment, controls and other devices in production, by organizing a remote
management and maintenance through public 5G networks, using the high data rates available in the 5G standard.

The SINEMA Remote Connect software management platform allows you to manage secure VPN tunnels and provide simple, secure connections to production and industrial equipment, even
if they are on a different network.

The SCALANCE MUM856-1 also supports 4G, so work is uninterrupted even when the 5G network is unavailable. Devices can be integrated into private 5G production networks.

The company conducts tests in its own automation testing center in a closed, private 5G network, built on Siemens equipment. Automated vehicles
(AGV) are connected to the network using 5G standard to test existing and future industrial systems and promote the use of 5G standard in the industry.

The device will be available in spring 2021

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