Signal, Wickr and Viber topped the list of the safest instant messengers in the world

Signal, Wickr and Viber topped the list of the safest instant messengers in the world

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Ekaterina Alexandrova | 02/25/2021

Signal, Wickr and Viber topped the list of the safest instant messengers in the world

The analytical department of Artezio (part of the LANIT Group of Companies) has conducted another comprehensive testing of existing messengers and published an updated rating of applications that can provide high
level of privacy.

Experts assessed the current technical state of software products, tested security tools and tools declared by the developers to ensure secure correspondence. To the checklist
testing included more than 30 applications for various platforms, which were evaluated according to 50 criteria. Only messengers with end-to-end encryption passed to the final round of testing, which
able to provide a really high level of protection of transmitted data. The testing was conducted with a focus on the quality of data encryption and the reliability of information security tools. In research
attended by specialized specialists and developers of software solutions with expertise in the field of data security.


Experts have divided the recommendation list into two categories – for personal and corporate use. Messengers, which were included in the list of “Best for Business”, according to experts, are capable of
provide the highest level of security.

The top three safest messengers include Signal, Wickr and Viber, which is ahead of Telegram. Signal Messenger continues to receive high praise from experts for the quality of its encryption protocols,
presence of two-factor identification, encryption by default and readiness to disclose personal data. Elon Musk’s calls to switch to Signal look reasonable.

The final TOP-8 applications:

  1. Signal

  2. Wickr

  3. Viber

  4. Telegram

  5. Confide

  6. Slack

  7. iMessage

  8. Whatsapp

Among the significant changes in the results of testing messengers, which were conducted by Artezio in 2018, experts noted the improvement in the positions of Viber and iMessage. So, Viber following the results
Telegram moved up to 4th place in tests, and Apple’s iMessage is ahead of WhatsApp by a significant margin. Facebook messenger maintains its place in the ranking of the safest browsers, even despite
scandal with updated user agreement. Experts have previously pointed out that the messenger transmits all information to Facebook. However, the new user agreement should have forced
share data of users who previously explicitly prohibited it from doing so.

Experts do not recommend using Facebook messengers for business correspondence or sending private information.

Line dropped out of the list of the best messengers compiled in 2018, it does not meet the criteria for safe messengers. He was replaced by Slack, which the experts
confidently recommend for secure corporate communications.

Despite expectations, Telegram continues to lose its position in the ranking of secure communication applications. Previously, it was ahead of Viber, but following the results of actual testing, it lost to development
by Rakuten.

The research participants note an unconditional improvement in the quality of user data protection in popular messengers. However, experts are concerned about the slowdown in the development of independent
solutions that could use new approaches and tools to ensure data security and privacy of correspondence.

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