Silksong still hasn't decided on the release date of the game

Silksong still hasn’t decided on the release date of the game

Today, December 31, the last issue of Edge magazine went on sale. As promised, this release contains a preview of the upcoming action-platformer Hollow Knight: Silksong.

Recall that the developers of Hollow Knight: Silksong from the Australian studio Team Cherry showed Edge employees new screenshots (some of them are attached below) and a demo of the game, as well as shared fresh details.

Most importantly, the creators of Hollow Knight: Silksong still haven’t decided on a release date. Only TBA appears in the corresponding column on one of the pages of the magazine (that is, it will be announced later).

The list of target platforms for Hollow Knight: Silksong, as it turned out, is also not final: some time after the release on PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch, the game will look at other systems.

As for the game itself, Princess Hornet (the main character) promises to be faster and dexterous than the Knight from Hollow Knight. The protagonist was also taller, which forced the team to slightly enlarge the local caves.

According to the developers, knowledge of Hollow Knight is not required for the passage of the sequel. Since the last meeting Hornet has lost almost all of her strength and Silksong is rebuilding them.

Team Cherry also promises familiarity with new and old systems at the start of the game, more variable locations, about 100 benches (checkpoints) and music from the composer of the first part of Christopher Larkin.

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