Slovenian manufacturer receives the world’s first type certificate for the production of electric aircraft

The Slovenian company Pipistrel, a two-seat electric trainer Velis Electro, was the first in the world to receive a type certificate, which guarantees the production, quality control and operation of electric aircraft. Type approval issued by the European Union Aviation Security Agency (EASA) Pipistrel. This means that small electric aircraft are coming to the EU countries.


The Velis Electro is based on the Pipistrel Virus glider with a wingspan of 11 m and a mass of 600 kg. The power plant of the electric airplane is the Pipistrel E-811 electric motor, which is powered by two liquid-cooled lithium-ion batteries. Battery power is 11 kWh. A full charge of batteries lasts for 50 minutes of flight. For transportation this may not be enough, but as a training base – this is an excellent solution, friendly to the trainee.

In addition, as the developers explain, the electric power plant has fewer wearing parts and is easier to maintain, which can double the service intervals. The cruising speed of Velis Electro reaches 181 km / h, and the working ceiling of the device is 3700 m.

By the end of this year, Pipistrel will supply 31 Velis Electro aircraft to customers from seven countries. The main role in this was played by obtaining a type certificate from EASA. One of the first countries where mass commercial operation of Pipistrel electric planes will begin is likely to be Norway. The country’s authorities were previously seen in collaboration with this Slovenian company. Finally, the EASA-certified Pipistrel E-811 propulsion system can help skyrocket a host of unique vehicles, the development of which is yet to come.

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