Smart Timber can replace ruler and tape measure

Smart Timber can replace ruler and tape measure

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Ekaterina Alexandrova | 07/17/2020

Smart Timber can replace ruler and tape measure

At the Segezha Pulp and Paper Mill Segezha Group (part of AFK Sistema) in the Republic of Karelia, a six-month pilot project has been completed to test the Smart Timber mobile application. It is intended for calculating the coefficient of full timber (efficiency) and the dense volume of round timber in enterprises. This is development
company “Computer Vision Systems” (part of the LANIT group).

As part of a pilot project, it was planned to test the applicability of machine learning and computer vision technologies in a specific application environment. Since at the piloting stage, part of the data
was entered manually, during the transition to industrial execution, it will be necessary to train the system to work on these reference methods, and not on measurements made directly by the workers. IN
In the future, in accordance with special regulations, employees will only take pictures of objects, and the program will take on the determination of all calculated values.

Taking into account these factors, according to the results of testing, the accuracy of determining the efficiency was 98.3%, and for the dense volume of round wood – 94.5%. Pilot project results demonstrated applicability
the approach used to measure the volume of roundwood and the feasibility of moving to an industrial solution.

The mobile application can replace the usual ruler, roulette, tables and handwritten reports. The neural network independently performs the necessary calculations and provides information about the height,
width, length, volume and efficiency of the stack. Photos of timber, state numbers of timber trucks, geolocation, date and time of the photo – all data is collected in a single repository with access 24/7.

The application increases the accuracy of measurements of the volumes of incoming wood and minimizes the influence of the human factor on the expert assessment process. After some refinement of the algorithms to increase
Measurement accuracy Smart Timber can also be used for inventory control in warehouses.

If a decision is made to implement the software in Segezha Group, it will be integrated with the digital dispatching system of the logging enterprise (ASD) “SegezhaLes”. It provides
online monitoring and management of the entire chain of timber movement, fuel consumption and fuel and lubricants, and also helps to eliminate non-production losses.

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