IT Weekly review: smartphone sales are recovering, and smart intimate gadgets are used by cybercriminals

smartphone sales are recovering, and smart sex gadgets are being used by cybercriminals

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Gennady Belash | 06.12.2020

IT Weekly review: smartphone sales are recovering, and smart intimate gadgets are used by cybercriminals

This week, neither in the world, nor in Russia, there were no events that would significantly affect the IT market, so data on worldwide smartphone sales in the III quarter of 2020, they
fell 5.7% (up to 366 million units). However, after a half-year decline of 20%, quarterly smartphone sales began to gradually recover. There was also a change of one of the leaders
top three vendors: Xiaomi has surpassed Apple to become the world’s # 3 smartphone manufacturer.

At the same time, Samsung is postponing the choice of the new head of the company, he carried out changes in senior management, but recently replaced deceased Lee Gong Hee has decided not to appoint anyone.

Bank scammers continue to expand the front of their harmful offensive, now they “got through” to Israel, the fraudster spoke in “high professional banking
Russian ”, but asked for a security code and began to demand the card number.

By the end of the year, 5G networks will have 220 million connections, with the leadership belongs to China with a share of 80% or 175 million connections.

HP opened its first Russian online store, the assortment is designed for both retail users and business representatives.

The Federal Treasury moved to R7-Office, this package provided more than 30 thousand jobs. Raiffeisenbank issued a loan to Russian Post for 2.6 billion rubles. to finance projects
digital transformation in 2020-2024 The loan rate is less than 3% per annum. So, despite the pandemic, some companies are actively continuing their transformation. Selectel put into operation
1,100 racks, significantly increasing your capabilities.

There is also news in the information security sector: the threat of data leakage through digital sex toys was included in the report on cybersecurity trends 2021, compiled by ESET.
The proliferation of “smart” gadgets for intimate pleasures against the background of self-isolation, and the imperfection of their security architecture, has fueled the interest of cybercriminals in information about those who have what

AND in the mobile applications of “Electric trains” from mid-November you can buy tickets for commuter trains… The function is available at the Moscow transport hub, in directions that
services to JSC “Central PPK”.


Marvel Distribution acquired a controlling stake in the organizations that make up Hayted Group, occupying a leading position in the field of autonomous and backup power supply, energy efficient
technologies and service provision on the territory of Russia and Kazakhstan, and plans to make the investments necessary to accelerate growth and further joint development. Expertise of “Hayted” Group of Companies
in engineering will strengthen Marvel Distribution’s position as a solution provider for private and public infrastructure projects of all levels.

Hayted Group has been on the market for over 20 years and offers supplies of power equipment and spare parts from leading manufacturers (FG Wilson, Wattstream, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Perkins,
Piller, MWM, 2G-Energietechnik, APC by Schneider Electric, Eaton, Delta, Huawei EBG and others), turnkey construction of power supply facilities, maintenance and repair of diesel and gas
power plants, uninterruptible power supplies, Perkins engines, leasing of diesel power plants (own rental fleet with a capacity of more than 100 MW), as well as a monitoring and
management of engineering systems RedPine.

Seagate Technology has entered into an agreement with ASBIS.

Seagate will partner with ASBIS to expand enterprise storage shipments to include the Exos and Nytro series.

MONT has become an Authorized Distributor of Amazon Web Sevices (AWS) Cloud Products in the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU): Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia.
Under the terms of the contract, MONT was authorized to resell AWS services through its authorized partners.

Information security solutions of the Russian developer “Aladdin R.D.” replenished the portfolio of “Marvel”

“Marvel-Distribution” signed an agreement with the Russian developer of solutions in the information security area “Aladdin R.D.”
Among the vendor’s flagship products are smart cards and USB-tokens JaCarta, lifecycle management system for authentication and electronic signature JaCarta Management System
(JMS), Secret Disk family of products, as well as a line of smart card readers JCR of our own design and production.

“Aladdin R.D.” has the necessary licenses of the FSTEC of Russia and the FSB of Russia, in connection with which its products and solutions are widely used in banking, state administrative, fuel and energy and
other sectors of the economy.


AMD and Amazon Web Services (AWS) announcedthat AMD EPYC processors

Gen 2 and Radeon Pro GPUs power the new EC2 G4ad instance for graphics-optimized workloads. Additionally, the AWS Managed GameLift Service is now
provides video game hosting customers with access to AMD EPYC processors on existing C5a, m5a and r5a instances.

As the first AMD CPU and GPU-based instance in AWS, G4ad instance Built to support graphically intensive workloads including rendering, rendering, virtual desktop infrastructure, and more.
Harnessing the power of 2nd Gen AMD EPYC processors and AMD Radeon Pro V520 GPUs, AWS customers can get up to 45% better price performance and 40% better graphics.
performance over existing AWS instances based on other GPUs.

Samsung postpones selection of new head of the company

The South Korean manufacturer has made a top management reshuffle, but recently deceased Lee Gong Hee
it was decided not to appoint anyone.

The post of deputy chairman, which was held by his son Lee Jae Young, will also remain unchanged. Recall that, for the last six years, the management of the company, in fact, passed into his hands,
however, the heir is currently in two separate court cases. According to analysts, Lee Jae Young faces a second imprisonment and it is because of uncertainty that he does not
is in a hurry to make major changes to Samsung’s leadership.

New products

The Open Mobile Platform has introduced a new release of the Aurora mobile OS – version 3.2, codenamed Penza.

The main improvements are related to security: the administrator mode has appeared, which allows you to locally control the available device functionality and user settings; built-in validator,
which checks installed and launched applications for the presence of the necessary certificates and prevents the ability to launch applications from “untrusted” sources, such as downloaded
a user from the Internet; improved protection against unauthorized “flashing” of a mobile device.

The “Priority” document management system integrates MyOffice technologies. MyOffice, a Russian manufacturer of office software, announces the first commercial integration of a component
“Autonomous editing module” into the “Priority” document management system manufactured by Digital Design. Integration allows you to view DOCX documents along with their accounting
cards without the need to additionally download files to the user’s computer. Earlier in the SDU “Priority” foreign solutions were used for this. Through integration, representatives
public sectors that previously used similar systems will now be able to seamlessly transition to domestic components.

R&D team “Ricor” announced the release of an updated version of the BIOS / BMC management system for server platforms… Ricor, as an ODM manufacturer, announces the possibility of adapting BIOS / BMC for
individual customer requests. The control system can take into account such customer requirements as adding a logo, additional functions for working with electronic keys that provide
access control and data protection, etc.

Veeam announces the release of the new version of Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 v5.

The fifth version adds a solution for backing up and restoring data in Microsoft Teams. Users can now quickly and easily find and recover the data they want in Teams.
including individual channels, settings or groups as a whole.

Launching a commercial project in Russia to introduce a cargo transportation service unmanned vehicles EVO-1 in a closed area. The project was implemented by EvoCargo and
The first expeditionary company (PEC). Transportation will be organized on the territory of the PEC Butovo logistics center. The corresponding memorandum of cooperation was signed by the companies on December 1, 2020
of the year.

HPE presented the HPE Superdome Flex 280 server in Russia

– a platform to accelerate the digital transformation of SMEs. Server based on 3rd generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors is designed to handle large amounts of data in memory and work with
a wide range of applications, including mission-critical ones. Moreover, the HPE Superdome Flex 280 is suitable for solving complex problems of the Internet of Things, high performance computing, artificial
intelligence and analytics in real time. The server system allows you to benefit from working with SAP HANA, Oracle Database In-Memory, Microsoft SQL Server and Epic.

Prestigio launches its own line of LEDme backpacks.

Two models of capacious bright backpacks, LEDme and LEDme MAX, with a built-in LED display, which are controlled via a special mobile application, are launching. Now you can output
animations, images and text directly on the surface of the backpack, as well as change its design to suit the image and mood.

Results of activities

Global smartphone sales fell 5.7% (to 366 million units) in the third quarter of 2020

After a half-year decline of 20%, quarterly smartphone sales began to gradually recover. Nevertheless, Xiaomi managed to bypass Apple and become the No. 3 smartphone manufacturer in the world.

Meanwhile, the delay in updating the 5G network has limited options for smartphone makers. Among the top five vendors, Samsung took first place with a market share of 22%, and Xiaomi for the first time in
history ahead of Apple and ranked 3rd with sales of 44.4 million units compared to Apple’s sales (40.5 million units in the third quarter of 2020).

Information Security

Mail Cloud Solutions Confirmed Level 2 Security Compliance… She passed the FSTEC certification. UZ-2 compliance makes the platform suitable, for example, for
work with fingerprints, medical records and user photos, which is especially important for medical institutions and banking organizations.

Digital Sex Toy Data Leakage Threat Hit 2021 Cybersecurity Trends Reportcompiled by the international company ESET. The proliferation of smart gadgets for
intimate pleasures against the background of self-isolation, and the imperfection of the security architecture of such devices, fueled the interest of cybercriminals in information about those who have something to hide.

New models of sex devices are constantly appearing on the market. However, studies conducted by cyberspecialists have shown that these devices have many security flaws that threaten
privacy of user data. In particular, vulnerabilities discovered during the experiments made it possible to intercept information and remotely control devices, as well as gain access to
photos, videos and other personal data of digital sex toy owners.


VTB started issuing digital credit cards …

VTB launches a program for robotization of business processes in 2020 as part of digital transformation… Currently, VTB has about 30 digital employees, by the end of 2022 it is planned
to implement about 300 robots

Raiffeisenbank gave Russian Post a five-year loan in the amount of 2.6 billion rubles under the program of concessional lending of the Ministry of Digital Development of Russia to finance digital transformation projects in
2020-2024 The loan rate is less than 3% per annum.

Otkritie Bank has completed the implementation of Citrix App Layering, which has increased the availability of over 200 business applications. According to Citrix, this project,
affecting 20,000 employees, has become the largest in Russia. Otkritie Bank’s partner was the Jet Infosystems integrator.

Sberbank implemented proprietary machine learning (ML) models

for forecasting the cash flows of clients of the Bank’s Corporate and Investment Business block. New models allowed Sber to shorten the time for preparing financial forecast for corporate clients
to make a loan decision, now the process takes only 45 minutes. At the same time, the quality of forecasting carried out using artificial intelligence (AI, ML) is significantly higher
the quality of the loan officer’s work.

Over 1.5 thousand clients of VTB in the SMB segment accept payments from individuals using a QR code through the SBP. Such a service is available to them in the application “VTB Business QR”, Which already operates in more than 300 settlements in Russia.

Connection to VTB Business QR is completely free – an entrepreneur only pays a commission for transactions in the amount of 0.4% or 0.7%, depending on the type of activity. The seller generates
QR code in the application, entering the amount and purpose of the payment, and the buyer reads it and makes the payment via the SBP in the mobile application of his bank. The purchase amount is credited to the current account
entrepreneur for 15 seconds. For individual entrepreneurs who are self-employed, the application allows you to generate and send a check to the buyer, keep track of income from non-cash and cash transactions,
receive receipts for paying taxes.

Raiffeisenbank and MDG Group have completed the transition to the new version of speech analytics to control the quality of service in the contact center. Using speech analytics allows
optimize the process of processing service calls, identify pain points in dialogues and quickly respond to the growth of calls on certain topics.

Speech analytics works on the basis of the own product RTC Smart Logger. In the contact center, calls are recorded and automatically translated into text in the “client-operator” dialogue format with
per second timekeeping. Also, for the analysis, text messages received from the chat channel are imported. Speech analytics of dialogues and chats allows you to analyze interactions in large
volumes and periods of several hundred thousand contacts without attracting additional resources. Not only lexical components of dialogues are analyzed, but also various attributes of records.

Education and training

MTS together with the National Research University

For the first time in Russia, the Higher School of Economics has launched a project to organize online broadcasts, including in VR format, from classrooms.

HSE students can study online lectures in the usual format and, for the first time in Russia, in augmented reality format. This opportunity is provided in six lecture halls in
Moscow, equipped with 360-degree panoramic video cameras and a video camera with the function of auto-tracking the teacher’s movement in the classroom /

The state

MTS and the government of Kuzbass agreed to develop digital projects to improve the safety and quality of the urban environment …

Public organization of people with disabilities “Perspective” together with Microsoft Russia, Buka and Logitech Russia / CIS launch an inclusive project “Gaming for All”. He is called
help people with limited mobility – cerebral palsy, spinal injuries, amputations and other features – to play comfortably on Xbox and PC. The goal of this project is to make video games
accessible to everyone, regardless of the physical characteristics of a person.

The Polys team of Kaspersky Lab is preparing to launch a remote electronic voting system based on Russian cryptographic algorithms. The product named
Polys.GOST, is designed for large-scale state elections with the participation of an unlimited number of voters at any level.

Polys. GOST will comply with the requirements applicable to government information systems, which must apply certified cryptographic protection tools for
ensuring the security of confidential information. In this case, we are talking about keeping the voter register and information about the voting process secret. In Polys.GOST, the required cryptographic
алгоритмы будут встроены как в саму блокчейн-платформу, так и в бизнес-логику, реализуемую в смарт-контрактах, приложениях организатора голосования, избирателя и наблюдателя.


Сайт сертифицирован по стандартам доступности для использования людьми с инвалидностью…

Tele2 запустил услугу оплаты покупок в магазине приложений App Store,

сервисах Apple Music и Apple TV со счета мобильного телефона. После простой аутентификации абоненты Tele2 могут приобретать музыку, кино и книги из экосистемы приложений Apple в один клик.

Исследование, проведенное компаниями Nokia и Telefónica, показало,

что сети 5G на 90% более эффективно расходуют энергию на единицу трафика, чем сети 4G. Исследователи измеряли энергопотребление в беспроводной сети доступа Telefónica в течение трех месяцев.

МТС объявила тендер на поставку универсальных сетевых линейных терминалов OLT (optical line terminal) для конвергентной сети Московского региона. Модернизация единой сети ГК МТС в Московском
регионе за счет установки новых сетевых терминалов OLT станет первым подобным проектом в России.

Использование нового оборудования увеличит пропускную способность транспортной сети, как минимум вчетверо до 10 Гб/c увеличит максимальную скорость передачи данных у абонентов домашнего Интернета и
позволит подключать пользовательские модемы стандарта Wi-Fi 6. Умощнение транспортной инфраструктуры также даст возможность быстрее перейти к стандарту 5G.

Tele2 этой осенью зафиксировал спад интернет-активности столичных абонентов в деловых кварталах Москвы… Так, в ноябре спрос на гигабайты в бизнес-центрах в среднем сократился на 37% по
сравнению с предыдущим месяцем. Показатели конца года остаются ниже докарантинного уровня – с 1 по 30 ноября сотрудники бизнес-центров израсходовали на 10% меньше трафика, чем в феврале.
Потребление дата-трафика в спальных районах Москвы, напротив, активно растет.

Сервисное обслуживание

Билайн обновляет функционал мобильного приложения «Мой Билайн»

и расширяет его возможности до сервисного интернет-магазина. Теперь клиенты Билайн и другие пользователи в одном приложении смогут приобрести SIM или eSIM, выбрать номер, оплатить заказ
SIM-карты, оформить доставку и многое другое.

В мобильных приложениях «Электрички Туту.ру» на платформах iOS и Android, которыми пользуются 2,5 млн человек в месяц, с середины ноября можно купить билеты на пригородные поезда. Новая
функция доступна в Московском транспортном узле, на направлениях, которые обслуживает АО «Центральная ППК». Проездные документы можно купить для разовой поездки в одну сторону: это самый
распространенный запрос пассажиров пригородных поездов — 60%. Данный сервис — это дополнительный способ бесконтактной покупки проездных документов на пригородные поезда.


Сеть «М.Видео» подвела первые итоги запуска видеконсультаций. С апреля продавцы рtтейлера провели более 50 000 видеосессий, каждая пятая видеоконсультация заканчивается покупкой, это в 10 раз
выше, чем средняя конверсия онлайн-продаж.


Группа НЛМК внедрила решение VMware SD-WAN в 36 своих предприятиях.

Для обслуживания нового решения на предприятии достаточно всего два ИТ-специалиста. При этом для работы им понадобится всего 20% рабочего времени. Как отмечают ИТ-специалисты, VMware SD-WAN
предоставляет полную информацию о том, что происходит в любой точке сети. Благодаря этому специалисты по информационной безопасности могут заранее обнаружить и заблокировать несанкционированный
обмен данными между предприятиями и филиалами.

Российский интегратор Integro Technologies и разработчик платформы для автоматизации роботизированных процессов, UiPath, объявили о начале сотрудничества. В рамках партнерства Integro
Technologies будет предлагать на рынок решения в области процессной аналитики (Process Mining) и автоматизацию роботизированных процессов (Robotic Process Automation).

«O2O холдинг», совместное предприятие Group и Сбербанка,

завершил внедрение SAP ERP в головной компании и двух своих активах – «Ситимобиле» и Delivery Club. Новая система позволит компаниям централизовать и унифицировать основные финансовые функции,
процессы расчета заработной платы и HR. В будущем планируется тираж системы на другие предприятия холдинга.

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