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SMIC begins to exchange information with US regulators about restrictions

In September, information emerged that the US authorities had disseminated information about possible risks associated with export restrictions among the clients and partners of the Chinese company SMIC. SMIC itself has not officially received any notifications. The company now says it has begun direct data exchange with US regulators.

Image source: Reuters

Image source: Reuters

This was reported over the weekend by Reuters, citing documents published by SMIC. The company said it is conducting a comprehensive assessment of the impact of export restrictions on production and operations. The Chinese contract manufacturer has expressed its willingness to comply with the legal requirements of those countries in whose jurisdiction it operates. Since the appeal was addressed to clients of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, SMIC urged investors and shareholders to be careful when dealing with the company’s securities.

SMIC is the largest semiconductor contract manufacturer in China. The company has already mastered the mass production of 14nm products; this year, $ 6.6 billion was attracted for the development of 12nm technology, including government investments. It is quite possible that it was the support of SMIC from the state funds of the PRC that made the American authorities wary, as a result, foreign suppliers will be forced to obtain special licenses in the United States, giving the right to cooperate with a Chinese company. The latter accelerated purchases of imported equipment and consumables back in the second quarter, and is also experimenting in the creation of production lines that do not use American technologies.

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