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Sofa investors have inflated the Dogecoin cryptocurrency rate. Large American broker introduced restrictions

Today, Reddit users decided to support the creators of the Dogecoin cryptocurrency, they began to buy up large quantities of its assets and the cost of the once humorous cryptocurrency soared 300% per day. The Verge, citing CNBC, reports that broker Robinhood has limited asset sales.

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The cost of one unit of cryptocurrency rose from $ 0.007 to $ 0.078. According to representatives of the brokerage service, the decision on the restrictions was made due to “extraordinary market conditions.” The growth is attributed to the actions of the Crypto Currency and Satoshi Street Bets communities on Reddit. Its members began to deliberately buy Dogecoin in order to “send Doge into space”, that is, to raise the price of the token to one dollar. Over the past 24 hours, the cryptocurrency market capitalization has reached $ 7 billion.

Source: Coindesk

Source: Coindesk

Earlier it became known that members of the Wall Street Bets community on Reddit similarly raised the price of shares in the retail store GameStop, as well as brands Nokia, BlackBerry and AMC. After that, Robinhood also imposed restrictions on the purchase of shares in these companies. On this occasion, investors even sued the broker, since, in their opinion, this is contrary to the principles of the free market. Some believe that Robinhood lobbies for the interests of large companies.

In fact, Dogecoin was quite a “local” phenomenon, it appeared in 2013 from a joke on Twitter about combining Bitcoin with this meme. Then the first wave of popularity came to him after several posts by Elon Musk on his Twitter.

Such steps by the founder of Tesla and SpaceX had a beneficial effect on the position of the cryptocurrency, but Dogecoin did not pretend to record records, unlike bitcoin, which literally began to rise in price today.

It is also worth noting that such moves were met with criticism from users, for which the moderators of the Google Play Store had to remove almost 100 thousand negative reviews of the application in order to save Robinhood from a one-star rating. In the future, the brokerage agency is going to impose restrictions on the number of purchases of “trending” stocks so as not to provoke artificial growth in some companies.

Users of both communities do this in order to help their favorite companies and products. In the list of investments of Wall Street Bets participants, it is the old brands that prevail, which today are not living the best times.

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