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SoftBank tried to solve its financial difficulties with the help of Russia

The SoftBank Corporation, according to one authoritative foreign publication, was counting on investments from the Russian authorities in order not only to form a Vision 2 fund with a total asset value of $ 108 billion, but also to resolve a territorial issue that is important for Japan. The negotiations are at an impasse.

Image source: The Financial Times

Image source: The Financial Times

According to The Financial Times, it was not possible to attract Russian state funds to this fund, but the head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund, Kirill Dmitriev, said in an interview with the newspaper that negotiations with SoftBank were continuing. True, now their goal is to jointly invest the funds of the Russian fund and the Japanese corporation in the assets of Russian companies in the technology sector. Representatives of SoftBank denied their participation in any negotiations with a Russian investment fund.

The Vision investment fund founded by SoftBank in the first stages received 60% of the funds from the authorities of Saudi Arabia and the UAE, but now, due to financial problems, it is forced to sell assets worth $ 41 billion to pay off debts and buy back shares. Among other things, against the background of this activity, rumors about SoftBank’s intentions to find new owners for the British holding company Arm, engaged in the development of processor architectures, revived.

For its second Vision fund, the Japanese corporation was looking for funds from other sources, among them even the structures of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan were mentioned. It is generally accepted that the Japanese corporation SoftBank tried to find points of contact with the government structures of Russia back in 2016, hoping, in exchange for investments in the Russian economy, to gain favor in resolving the issue of the so-called “northern territories” – that part of the Kuril Islands to which Japan claims since the end of World War II.

The amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation adopted as a result of the all-Russian referendum put an end to progress on this issue for the Japanese side, so it cannot be ruled out that SoftBank prefers to hide its interest in investing in Russian assets in order to preserve its reputation. The situation is aggravated by the fact that the threat of American sanctions hangs over the partners of Russian investment structures, so any such negotiations are not advertised by the foreign side.

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