Sony expects Playstation 5 to double Microsoft's Xbox Series X in sales

Sony expects Playstation 5 to double Microsoft’s Xbox Series X in sales

According to forecasts of Taiwanese sources from the production chain, within five years, Sony will be able to put on the market at least 120 million next-generation PlayStation 5 game consoles. DigiTimes, citing these sources, Microsoft, in turn, will be able to sell half of its Xbox Series X game consoles for the same specified time.

The life cycle of the new generation set-top boxes will be reduced from 6-7 to 5 years, insiders are sure. By the end of this period, Sony will be able to supply between 120 and 170 million PS5 game consoles. The Japanese company is said to have sold 110 million copies of the PlayStation 4 console released in 2013 to date. Anticipating strong demand for the next generation of the console, which it plans to launch in the fourth quarter of this year, Sony recently increased its production order to 10 million units of the PlayStation 5.

Designed by AMD, manufactured on TSMC lines, and assembled by Taiwanese companies ASE Technology and Siliconeware Precision Industries, 7nm APUs for the PS5 are already available from Sony. In turn, the peak supply of peripheral semiconductor products, which will be used in the assembly of the console, is expected, according to sources, in the third, as well as the beginning of the fourth quarter of this year.

It is also indicated that the Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturer ZillTek Technology and the Chinese company AAC Technologies are active in the production of electronics for the DualSense gamepads. Two other Taiwanese manufacturers, Nuvoton Technology and Genesys Logic, have begun shipping game console motherboards as well as USB controllers. Again, the Taiwanese company Greatek Electronics helps them.

Sources from the Taiwanese production chain also add that Phison Electronics has cut shipments of PS5 SSD controllers assembled by Taiwanese manufacturer OSE.

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