Sony head explains why the PlayStation 5 looks the way it looks

Sony head explains why the PlayStation 5 looks the way it looks

Sony has finally unveiled the next-generation PlayStation 5 console. And it looks like the console’s appearance was completely different from what many expected. Both options – with and without a drive – have a futuristic design that stands out from previous generations of a home gaming system.

President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment Jim Ryan (Jim Ryan) spoke in an interview with the publication CNET that the task of the PlayStation development team was to create something unexpected and to some extent even challenging.

“We wanted to create something bold, something almost provocative. We wanted to get something progressive, with an eye on the future. What is suitable for the 2020s ”“Ryan said.

The publication adds that the design of the PS5 is designed to demonstrate Sony’s belief that the technologies that are used inside the console, as well as the games that it can offer, will be able to attract attention as much as the appearance of the game console. In an interview with the British BBC, Ryan added that the PlayStation 5 form factor will be able to decorate “any living room.

“Most owners of PlayStation consoles use them in their living room. We thought it would be great if we could offer something that can decorate most of these living rooms. That is what we tried to do. And you know, we believe that we have accomplished this task ”– said the boss of Sony.

The optimism of the head of the gaming direction of the Japanese company was clearly not enough for Web users. Immediately after showing the appearance of the PlayStation 5, many of them began to make fun of the console design.

In fairness, it is worth noting that a similar reaction followed after Microsoft previously presented the design of its Xbox Series X console. By the way, it is also difficult to call it “traditional”. The network was flooded with a wave of jokes and various memes. Someone found the prefix to resemble a wastebasket, while others saw the appearance of a compact refrigerator in it.

The release of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X is expected in the New Year season of 2020. Despite the fact that now we know what both consoles look like, neither Sony nor Microsoft have yet to name their cost, and this is perhaps the key characteristic for many.

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