Sony introduced BloggerCam ZV-1 - a camcorder for bloggers

Sony introduced BloggerCam ZV-1 – a camcorder for bloggers

Sony introduced a new camera for content creators. This is how the company describes the new BloggerCam ZV-1, which is the result of a deep rethinking of the popular RX100 camera and designed specifically for bloggers.

From a technical point of view, BloggerCam ZV-1 is very close to the RX100 family of cameras. It uses the same EXMOR R backlit matrix with 1 ”format. Its resolution is 20.1 megapixels. The range of equivalent focal lengths of the lens is 24–70 mm at aperture ratio f / 1.8 – f / 2.8.

Video recording is supported in resolutions up to 4K (3840 × 2160 pixels) with a frequency of up to 30 frames / s. There is a powerful optoelectronic image stabilization system that allows you to shoot high-quality video on the go. Ease of shooting will also provide support for universal Bluetooth handles.

The camera supports time-lapse movie shooting, as well as super-slow motion shooting up to 1000 frames / s. When connected to a computer via USB (unfortunately, the new product lacks a more modern USB Type-C standard), the camera allows you to stream.

Sony BloggerCam ZV-1 has a 270-degree swivel screen that makes it 270 degrees more comfortable to take selfies. The latter is also simplified by the presence of a light indicator on the front of the camera and several modes of fast hybrid autofocus (on the face, eyes and objects in the frame) that allow you to switch focus from the face or subject to the background to create a beautiful effect.

For bloggers filming reviews on certain products, the Product Showcase mode is provided. It expands the viewing angle and instantly switches focus to the nearest subject in the frame – you don’t need to put your hand behind the subject to focus on it.

In the new Sony BloggerCam ZV-1, the regular microphone has been replaced with a directional three-capsule microphone. For him, the company has specially prepared a windshield for outdoor shooting. Such a microphone allows you to record only the sound in front of the camera, cutting off background noise.

The dimensions of the camera are 105.5 × 60.0 × 43.5 mm, the weight of the new product is about 267 grams. Sony BloggerCam ZV-1 price for the Western market is 800 euros. The appearance of the camera on sale is expected from June 11. You can familiarize yourself with all the technical specifications of the camera on the official Sony website.

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