Sony is heading for PS5 exclusives - Microsoft disagrees with this strategy

Sony is heading for PS5 exclusives – Microsoft disagrees with this strategy

The presentation of the games for the new PlayStation 5 console will take place on June 4. Meanwhile, the president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim Ryan, spoke during an interview with about the support that the company will provide to PlayStation 4 owners after the release of PlayStation 5.

Rain immediately noted that users of the PlayStation 4 will not be forgotten. A huge audience of owners of the current generation of the console is very important for the company and Sony always makes strategic decisions with an eye on it. Therefore, support for users of the PlayStation 4 will be held at least a few more years after the launch of the PS5.

“This is a very substantial part of our business. If now we have about 100 million PS4 owners, and in the first couple of years 15-25 million will switch to a new console, then we still have a huge number of players on the previous generation of the system. These players continue to show their commitment and dedication to their preferred console. Over the past few months, we have once again been able to verify this “– said Ryan.

However, he hastened to make an important clarification. Support for the previous generation does not imply the development of crossgen projects by Sony’s internal studios for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Both consoles will be developed separately from each other. All internal exclusives will be developed only for the PlayStation 5, however, we are not talking about multi-platform projects from third-party developers.

The latter, if desired, will be able to continue to develop games for both generations of the console. Ryan also recalled that PS4 owners are waiting for at least two more major projects: The Last of Us: Part II and Ghost of Tsushima, as well as various games from third-party studios.

Ghost of tushusha

Ryan tried to explain the company’s position in this matter by the desire to share the generation of consoles.

“We have said many times that we believe in the concept of interchangeability of generations. If you spent time and resources creating a new gaming system, then it should offer features and functions that the previous console is simply not capable of. And this means that the games must come out completely new, which will be able to use these very functions and features in the most affordable way. “”Ryan explained, referring to the“ features ”of the DualSense controller, 3D sound and a high-speed SSD drive.

“It’s time to give the PlayStation community something new, something that can only be enjoyed on the PlayStation 5”“He concluded.

After the interview was published, Aaron Greenberg, head of Xbox marketing, decided to take the floor. Through Twitter, he said that Microsoft has its own understanding of the term “generation”.

“The Xbox team believes in“ generations. ” Generations of games that can be launched on the most current hardware and which can take advantage of all its capabilities, offering you much more choice and variability than any other console at the start in history. All our projects from internal studios will be available under the Xbox Game Pass program, and players will receive improvements to the non-Xtgen versions for free ”– said Greenberg.

In a conversation between GamesIndustry reporters and the director of the Sony gaming division, the topic of the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on the gaming business was also touched upon. According to Ryan, the cancellation of game shows and the need for a remote mode of operation really created difficulties. But not only Sony was faced with this problem.

Also, over the past two to three months, there has been a shift in sales towards digital versions of games. Obviously, the course in this direction will continue, said Ryan. But during this time, the company also noted a still high demand for physical media and the current-generation consoles themselves in stores, which, in theory, should have been quarantined.

When asked about the potential difficulties in selling an allegedly expensive new game console in 2020, Rain responded with optimism. According to him, the gaming business has always historically found the opportunity to “profit in difficult economic times,” so he does not think that the PS5 will sell poorly in this and subsequent years. True, he immediately added that historical models in the current situation may not work.

In any case, Sony hopes that the PS5 will be able to overcome the difficulties of the economic recession, “offering the best possible cost.” And in this case we are talking not only about the price of the console itself, but also about its capabilities, as well as the quality and number of games that it can offer.

The start of world sales of the PlayStation 5 console is still planned for the New Year season.

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