Sony shares 12 minutes of gameplay of the Demon's Souls re-release on PS5

Sony shares 12 minutes of gameplay of the Demon’s Souls re-release on PS5

The re-release of Demon’s Souls from Bluepoint Games and SIE Japan Studio is one of the most anticipated PlayStation 5 exclusives. Recently, the developers in the State of Play! shared a 12-minute video gameplay and commentary from SIE Worldwide Studios Creative Director Gavin Moore.

This roundup demonstrates a single-player mode without any network connection, but the game will also offer various asynchronous and synchronous network capabilities. Mr. Moore recalled that the graphics and soundtrack of the original have been redesigned for a new generation of consoles. Players will be given ample opportunities to create a character: it will be possible to change facial features, hairstyle and a thousand other characteristics.

In the center of the world of Demon’s Souls is the Nexus and five Obelisks, each of which leads to different regions of Boletaria. There are also many characters here that play a key role in the plot. Curiously, many of the original voice actors took part in the remake. The video shows how the first obelisk of the Little King sends the player to the Boletaria Gate, where the real Demon’s Souls begins.

Attacks, blocks and dodges consume stamina, so you have to think about positioning, enemy placement and their abilities. Even the very first enemies pose a danger to the inattentive player. By the way, the opponents will behave exactly the same as before. The animation has been redesigned for 60 fps (high performance mode), but the duration of all movements remains the same. By the way, the game also has a cinematic mode – in it the game is played in full 4K at 30 frames / s.

The action RPG also features thousands of new sounds and takes full advantage of the new Tempest 3D Audio on the PS5. We are promised that it will be possible to hear, for example, how imperial spies sneak up on the character in the palace of Boletaria, and terrible creatures crawl in the depths of the Fel Valley. A lot of attention was paid to the tactile response of the DualSense wireless controller, which made the fights more intense and tougher: you can feel how steel clinks against steel or how a fireball is heating up in your hand.

The video also showed the Fire Spy, one of the fan favorite bosses. In the remake, his appearance is worked out to the smallest detail. Real-time lighting and particle effects allowed the developers to transform the arena with this character into a deadly world of flames.

Also shown is the Tower of Latria – the first area of ​​the third Obelisk and one of the most memorable places in Demon’s Souls – mysterious and claustrophobic. On the PlayStation 5, the density of objects has significantly increased: wreckage, broken vases and various debris are everywhere. Other locations, bosses and opponents are also shown.

SIE Content and Communications Manager Brett Elston recalled that the original Demon’s Souls was released in 2009 on PlayStation 3 and defined a whole genre of action RPGs. The unique gameplay, relentless complexity and unforgettable world made the game a hit among players and critics, and many of Demon’s Souls ideas continue to influence the industry to this day.

On November 12, the remake of Demon’s Souls will be available on PlayStation 5. Those who have not yet visited Fel Valley, have not fought the cruel Impaler, have not seen the end credits of this story can enjoy it on PS5, and old fans can immerse themselves in the game again with a completely reworked graphics. By the way, analysis of the trailer for Demon’s Souls for PS5 by Eurogamer experts shows that the game does not produce 4K / 60, but is content with a resolution around 1440p.

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