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Sony will be able to dynamically control the fan speed of the PlayStation 5 cooling system

The massive cooling system of the PlayStation 5 game console has a very interesting feature. Sony will be able to dynamically adjust its characteristics depending on a particular running game.

Image Source: PlayStation

Image Source: PlayStation

Sony has invested a lot of time and money in developing the PlayStation 5’s cooling system, which consists of three main components. First, it uses a large 120mm radial fan.

Image Source: PlayStation

Secondly, as part of the CO set-top box, a huge aluminum block radiator with a copper base and heat-conducting tubes imitating the design of the evaporation chamber is used.

In addition, for the first time in the history of game consoles, the manufacturer used liquid metal as a heat-conducting interface between the processor and the radiator.

Sony has also completely redesigned the power scheme and power of the console’s hybrid processor, trying to optimize the technology to reduce the speed and power consumption of the APU when launching certain games. The AMD Ryzen APU used in the set-top box can dynamically change the frequency of the processing and graphics cores, and the power supply now supplies constant voltage to the APU, system components and fan.

However, the manufacturer did not limit himself to hardware alone. To ensure maximum efficiency and at the same time, the quiet operation of the console, Sony uses the PlayStation 5 dynamic fan speed control system through software game updates. When you launch a game, Sony will be able to collect the temperature readings of the game console. If the temperature inside the console rises noticeably, for example, while playing Cyberpunk 2077, then Sony will be able to find out and then use the data to remotely manually adjust the fan speed of the cooling system. Game developers will also be able to use dynamic temperature control technology, and then include more optimal CO fan speed settings in the next game patch.

In a recent interview with the resource 4Gamer PlayStation 5 lead engineer Yasuhiro Ootori said there are four temperature sensors inside the console that control the fan speed. Three are on the motherboard of the set-top box itself, another one is located inside the APU. The fan speed can be dynamically adjusted via software updates that require an internet connection.

“Many different games will be released for the console in the future. Information about APU behavior in each of these games will be collected. We plan to optimize the speed of the CO fan of the set-top box based on these data “– said Ootori.

Recall that the PlayStation 5 console will go on sale worldwide on November 19. The cost of the version with a Blu-ray drive in Russia will be 47 thousand rubles. The manufacturer estimated the digital version of the set-top box without a disk drive at 38 thousand rubles.

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