Southern Kuzbass and 1C-Rarus have completed the design of the 1C: ERP system

Southern Kuzbass and 1C-Rarus have completed the design of the 1C: ERP system

The new system should bring together 1500 workplaces and 600 concurrent users. Within the framework of the project, the tasks of unification of the methodology of regulated accounting and display were solved
business activities in “1C: ERP Enterprise Management 2”.

The Southern Kuzbass coal company operates in the city of Mezhdurechensk, Kemerovo Oblast. The company employs three mines, three sections, four concentrating factories. Total design capacity
companies for underground and open coal production – 21.8 million tons per year, and for coal enrichment – 17 million tons per year.

Southern Kuzbass is part of the Mechel Group, one of the world’s leading mining and metallurgical companies.

To generate the report, Southern Kuzbass has decided to move from 1C: Enterprise 7.7 information systems to a new unified information system.

The tender for preparation of specifications of requirements and specifications on the block of accounting and tax accounting for the system was won by the company “1C-Rarus”, leading the project activity on its own
technology based on the WMDC project management knowledge pool.

Today, the new corporate system, built on the basis of 1C: ERP Enterprise Management 2, projects the activities of accounting, sales and procurement of mining
Mechel Division. Describes the business processes of the company taking into account the typical and newly developed objects “1C: ERP Enterprise Management 2”, designed the architecture of the target system, developed
specification specifications for system refinements describing the detailed technical architecture of the solution.

The new information system will allow:

  • To calculate the tax on mineral resources.

  • Conduct a quick closing of the period in accordance with the accounting policies of the Mechel Group of Companies.

  • Maintain component records of property, plant and equipment for IFRS purposes.

  • Conduct business activities with the display of operations that allow at any time to secure the assets of the enterprise, for example, to display the transfer of nodes, objects
    equipment to repair a third-party organization, analyze unused MFAs and fixed assets every quarter, monitor the decisions made about their use.

  • Keep a record of specific operations for accounting TMC: transfer of TMC in the scrap, the formation of an internal power of attorney for the movement of TMC between the remote units of the company, accounting for clothing when

  • Conduct a large volume of currency transactions not implemented in the typical 1C: ERP functionality.

  • Automatically classify receivables and payables for all long-term and short-term settlement objects, regardless of the plan of accounts, and depending on the conditions

  • Analyze the economic activity of the enterprise in the context of a large number of analysts with depth, which allows you to make quick managerial decisions.

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