Space Telescope "James Webb" will engage in detailed study of the Jupiter system

Space Telescope “James Webb” will engage in detailed study of the Jupiter system

The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) spoke about one of the scientific tasks to be solved by the orbital observatory “James Webb” (James Webb Space Telescope).

Recall that “James Webb” is one of the most complex and expensive NASA projects. This space telescope will be the largest and most powerful orbiting observatory in history: the size of the composite mirror is 6.5 meters. The launch is scheduled for October 31, 2021.

So, it is reported that the telescope will engage in a comprehensive study of the Jupiter system. We are talking about the study of the gas giant itself, its weak rings, as well as two satellites – Ganymede and Io. It should be noted that Ganymede is the largest satellite in the solar system and the only satellite (also in the solar system) with its own magnetosphere. As for Io, this body is of interest due to the presence of powerful active volcanoes.

It will be a really difficult experiment. Jupiter is so bright and James Webb’s instruments are so sensitive that simultaneous observation of the planet and its faint rings and moons will be a great challenge to get the most out of the observatory’s advanced capabilities.“- notes NASA.

The Jupiter system will be one of the many research targets for the new telescope. He will study other planets of the solar system (Saturn, Uranus and Neptune), observe trans-Neptunian objects, search for exoplanets, explore galaxies and their clusters, collect information about stars, etc.

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