SpaceX Starship prototype exploded during testing

SpaceX Starship prototype exploded during testing

It became known that the fourth prototype of the SpaceX Starship manned spacecraft was destroyed as a result of the explosion that occurred during the fire tests of the Raptor engine installed on it.

The Starship SN4 tests were conducted on the ground and at the beginning everything went according to plan, but in the end there was a powerful explosion that destroyed the spacecraft. The moment of the explosion itself was published on the social network Twitter.

Recall that Starship is designed for reusable use and is positioned by SpaceX as a new generation manned spacecraft. Despite the fact that the fourth prototype managed to overcome a number of tests, SpaceX has not yet conducted flight tests of the device.

It is worth noting that before the explosion, the Starship SN4 prototype successfully passed some tests, including cryogenic pressure testing. It was possible to achieve this only from the fourth time, and three previous attempts were unsuccessful. In addition, at the beginning of this month, the first fire tests were conducted, during which the ship’s engine worked for about four seconds.

In the future, SpaceX, owned by Elon Musk, plans to use Starship to fly to the Moon, Mars and beyond its orbit.

In the end we add, this Starship prototype is significantly different from the Falcon 9 rocket and the Crew Dragon spacecraft, on which NASA astronauts are supposed to leave from Florida to the ISS today.

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