Spelunky 2 finally has a release date, but so far only for PS4

Spelunky 2 finally has a release date, but so far only for PS4

Mossmouth founder and sole employee, Derek Yu, announced the release date of Spelunky 2 – September 15 this year as part of the August State of Play news program.

On the appointed day, the sequel to the cult indie platformer will appear exclusively on the PlayStation 4. The previously confirmed PC version (Steam) will be released “a little bit later” console.

The additional development time for Spelunky 2 for the PC will give the game’s online multiplayer a fair amount of polish, Yu said. The developer has promised to announce the release date of the computer edition already “soon”

“After Steam, we’ll look at options with the rest of the platforms. We want to give the opportunity to get acquainted with the game as many people as possible “, – assured the game designer on my microblog

In an address to fans on the official PlayStation blog, the developer also promised Spelunky 2 “A huge and interconnected world”, and “Richer and more varied” adventure.

In addition, the game designer talked about the fact that the sequel appeared “New collaborative and competitive” regimes, and the old ones (in particular, “Fight to the Death”) have undergone qualitative changes.

Spelunky 2 was announced in October 2017. As in the original game, the locations in the sequel will be generated randomly, and after the death of the hero, the passage will have to start over.

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