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Spotify launches loseless music streaming

Spotify today announced the imminent launch of lossless music streaming. The option will be called “Spotify HiFi” and it will allow you to play your favorite music on digital devices in CD quality. Singer Billie Eilish took part in the commercial.

Image source: The Verge

Image source: The Verge

Unfortunately, the company did not clarify the technical details: the bitrate of the music being played within the Spotify HiFi is still unknown. But the company notes: “The option will provide greater depth and clarity of the reproduced tracks”… The company has previously tested high-definition audio with a limited number of users. Apparently, the test results were positive and now the Spotify management has decided to add this feature to a wide audience.

Remarkably, the company is promising to add Spotify HiFi support as part of its Premium subscription later this year. Other services tended to introduce high-definition audio access for a fee as part of separate subscriptions. For example, the cost of a regular premium subscription to Deezer is 169 rubles / month, but a subscription with access to HiFi-audio is already 255 rubles / month. What’s more, Spotify’s direct competitor, Apple Music, still lacks lossless audio support.

At the moment, the maximum bitrate of Spotify music being played is 320 kbps (Ogg Vorbis), but with Spotify HiFi the bitrate, in theory, can reach 1411 kbps (like all Lossless formats, like FLAC).

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