Sinimeks company: stable growth amid new opportunities

stable growth amid new opportunities. IT Market

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| 06/13/2020

Sinimeks company: stable growth amid new opportunities

Sinimeks, a Russian developer and system integrator of integrated IT solutions, summed up the results of 2019. Over the past year, the company’s revenue amounted to 1,539,750,505 rubles, financial
indicators increased by 32% compared to last year.

During the year, Sinimeks, depending on the needs of its customers, implemented custom solutions using many different technologies and a wide range of platforms: from proprietary
partner products (IBM, Oracle, Red Hat) to modern Open-Source frameworks. The year was also remembered by the development of one of the youngest areas of the company – units “Sinemex Date
implementing projects on artificial intelligence and big data. The high competence of the division’s employees is confirmed by the victory of the Sinemex data analysis specialist
in the competition Artificial Intelligence Journey 2019.

In 2019, Sinimex continued to cooperate with regular customers and long-standing partners – Alfa-Bank, Gazprombank, Rosbank, VTB, Russian Agricultural Bank, Raiffeisenbank, Bank
Otkrytie and Volkswagen Bank RUS LLC, X5 Retail Group, Volkswagen Group Rus, a group of companies Bang & Bonsomer, etc.

In 2019, Sinimex continued Alfa Bank finalization of a software package for automating the evaluation of loan applications: WSRM (Web-service Risk Management). In addition to implemented
Previously, a module providing the ability to process applications for mortgage lending, last year, improvements were implemented that provided scoring processes for applications for
consumer, retail and mass lending to individuals and legal entities. As a result, a number of services are functioning to obtain an expanded data set in the form
scoring points and marketing segments, as well as receiving Oliver Wyman scoring points for customers of the bank’s mass business.

Also in 2019 in Alfa Bank a service was implemented to calculate the debt burden indicators (PDN) of the borrower – an individual. The project was implemented as part of the requirements of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, aimed
to regulate the debt burden of individual borrowers and to limit the risk associated with their debt.

Sinimeks company continued to support and develop the integration platform – Interaction Management Systems (SUV), support and development of the Automation System
administrative and economic activities (AHD 1C), maintenance and development of the Invoice Accounting System based on 1C software (AS SF) in Gazprombank.

In 2019, the Host-to-Host integration service was launched into pilot operation, which allows for legally significant electronic document management between Gazprombank
and clients – legal entities within the framework of remote banking services. For this service, Sinimex specialists developed two components: “Corporate Services Integration Module” and
“Data processing and transformation module.”

Also, Sinemex specialists launched the Service Integration Platform, which provides integration interaction between systems, in pilot industrial operation. Gazprombank at
as part of the provision of services of the omnichannel platform of the Bank for customers – individuals.

An important project for Sinimeks was the introduction of Gazprombank solutions for managing the provision of open APIs based on the IBM API Connect platform on which the services are running,
allowing you to fill out applications for Bank loan products, debit cards, electronic bank guarantees through various partner channels.

Over the course of the year, Sinimex specialists participated in the development and implementation of the Payment Hub system, designed to make payments from customers – individuals to direct
service providers and aggregators, regardless of customer service channel.

In 2019, Sinimex company completed in the bank VTB work on the implementation of a number of improvements to the “Operation Conveyor” system for the project “Opening an Account for Legal Entities”. Initial development project
The “Operation Conveyor” system and the optimization of business processes of the operations department for the construction of a quality control system and quantitative accounting of operations started in 2014. In the present
At the moment, several banking processes were automated, and the operational conveyor was put into commercial operation. Sinimex specialists ensured the integration interaction of the conveyor with
various bank systems.

Several systems and teams took part in the project “Opening an account for legal entities”. Including due to the introduction of the operational conveyor, the time of the operation to open accounts for legal entities (CIB and SMB)
decreased on average from 5 days to 1 day.

In 2020-2021 Reengineering of bank systems planned VTB performing the functions of an operational conveyor.

In connection with the global trend to abandon proprietary financial messaging formats in favor of the universal format ISO 20022 to the bank VTB landscape survey required
the bank’s payment infrastructure and preliminary design of a solution that will allow to switch to a new format with minimal costs. As a contractor VTB chose a company
Sinimeks, whose specialists successfully coped with the task of designing a solution that, with minimal modifications to the bank’s systems, began to use ISO 20022. The solution was
It is proposed to implement an additional module of the layer of interaction with external channels – ISO Integrator, based on which IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender (WTX) with a package for
financial transactions.

During 2019, Sinemex specialists completed projects in Rosbank to optimize the process of opening accounts for legal entities, new business processes are automated, namely: work
with packages of banking services, opening and managing deposits, credit card delivery. Functional development was conducted at IBM Digital Business Automation. Also as part of open source development
In 2019, the source code for Activity BPM implemented business processes for working with employee vacations, certificates, and advance reports.

Last year, Sinimeks company continued to work on the development of the BIS system in Rosbank. Currently, thanks to the system, the bank has already automated 90% of the processes in part
work with clients, making payments, opening cards, establishing new clients both for legal entities and individuals. The system finalized during 2019 is an information system.
a knowledge base on the state of automated banking processes. To develop the system, the company’s developers used the AS400 language.

During 2019, Sinimeks company continued cooperation with one of its regular customers – Raiffeisenbankhaving completed work on finalizing the software of the complex
Bank of Russia client workstation KBR-N. In particular, due to changes in the exchange of electronic messages between the Bank of Russia and its customers and updates to the versions of the Album
UFEBS (2019.3.1, 2019.4.1, v2020_1_1), Sinemex specialists modified the workstation to meet the requirements of the Central Bank.

In May 2019, Sinimex launched a phased implementation in LtdVolkswagen Bank RUS » an integration bus based on Websphere Application Server that provides Open
API for external services of the Bank. The project, aimed at solving the problem of integrating banking and external systems with each other, allows to solve various business problems. Project success for Ltd
Volkswagen Bank RUS
lies in the operation of more than 20 integration services.

In 2019, Sinimex specialists successfully launched the central corporate bus based on Apache Kafka in Volkswagen Group Rus.

Sinimex also carried out work on the implementation of PKI infrastructure and a private data storage system based on Hashicorp Vault. This system allowed to implement a protected
interaction between enterprise systems, as well as mutual authentication of systems according to the mTLS principle. A modern concept of short-lived certificates was used with full automation of
managing the life cycle of the latter.

As part of the implementation of another project – IdP for Volkswagen Group Rus Synimex developers added a number of new functionality to improve UX users, connected new
systems, including the migration of more than 70,000 users of one of the brands of the concern.

In 2019, Sinimex took part in a large-scale project to create a Unified Frontal Solution (ERF) in Otkritie Bank. Thanks to competencies and expertise
of a joint team, a project based on the omnichannel platform concept was implemented as quickly as possible and put into commercial operation. New retail customer service system
the bank presented at the forum of innovative financial technologies Finopolis 2019.

In May 2019, Sinimex completed the implementation of 1C: ERP Enterprise Management 2 in the Russian division of the group of companies Bang & bonsomer, the system is accepted in industrial
operation. The implementation project was recognized as the winner of the 1C “Project of the Year” 2019 competition in the nomination “Best Regional Project: Central and Eastern Europe”.

The success of the implemented solution in Russia is confirmed by the replication of “1C: ERP Enterprise Management 2” for a division of a group of companies Bang & bonsomer in Belarus. Also specialists of the company
Sinimeks ensured the integration of the Ukrainian division into the corporate landscape.

Separately, it is worth noting the development of a chain store management system PARK Group with the active use of automation elements and 1C integration with web-resources and mobile applications,
which was provided by the developers of Sinimeks.

Also, during 2019, due to the extensive experience, Sinemex specialists took part in the 1C: ERP implementation project in the company ATOL, one of the leading equipment manufacturers
and software for retail automation in Russia.

Of the interesting technological projects, it should be noted the integration of the corporate operational accounting system of the company Interlek with a national drug movement monitoring system
preparations. When constructing the system, we used the ability to operate data collection terminals (TSD) in the Mobile Client 1C mode, which avoided delays in transmitting information from the TSD to
the system.

Division Specialists Sinimeks Date Lab successfully developed and put into commercial operation a system for predicting the distribution of lottery tickets for JSC “TC” Center “-
Stoloto brand.

The system, built on artificial intelligence algorithms, allows you to predict the number of tickets sold in one of the largest retail channels – post offices in Russia. Thanks
dynamic assessment of many parameters (logistics, production features, marketing components, etc.), the system estimates demand at more than 40,000 retail outlets in the horizon up to six months.

Through the operational processing of large amounts of data and the availability of a convenient interface, the system from Sinimeks Date Lab has become a reliable tool for both analytics and business
the customer.

“In 2019, we focused on the search for new opportunities and the growth of the company. Every year we increase the pool of our large customers, capturing segments outside the financial sector, and expand our portfolio
our solutions to order. An important role in achieving results is played by the development of our regional divisions in Voronezh and Orenburg through continuous training and increase
the number of highly qualified specialists, ”comments the general director of Sinimeks Andrey Sykulev.

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