STATE (12/16/2019 - 01/15/2020)

STATE (12/16/2019 – 01/15/2020)

Gennady Belash

Softline took part in the implementation of the project “Creating a Unified Digital Outline for Healthcare Based on the EGISZ”

in the development of telemedicine in the Sverdlovsk region. The company has supplied and connected equipment for telemedicine complexes, with the help of which the doctors of the territorial disaster medicine center
will be able to provide online advice to their colleagues in remote areas.

The Digital Economy project has failed the budget the hardest

According to the Accounting Chamber, the national project ended the year with a budget execution of 53.6%, without rising to the promised 95.7%. The press secretary of the Ministry of Communications explains this by a long delay
approvals and the “complicated system of management of the National Program”.

The Accounting Chamber has published interim results of the analysis of the implementation of national projects as of December 28, 2019. As a comment to the figures, the head of the Accounting Chamber Alexei Kudrin
stated that more than 100 billion rubles from the planned for the implementation of national projects will not be put into operation on the results of the year.

“Most national projects have been launched since January 1. And some of the measures in the implementation plans were formulated and specified by mid-year. Therefore, national funding was delayed
projects, and execution. ”

According to the implementation of implementation expenditures, the Digital Economy was able to overcome only 53.6%, being in the last place among others. Recall that in July indicator amounted to 32.4%, ie 558.8 billion rubles, and was below the average cost level (42.5%). IN
in early November, the Ministry of Communications hoped to bring the level to 95.7%, to the end – to 85%, but the plans have not been implemented. The spokesman of the Ministry of Communications Yevgeny Novikov said that the agreement is set
the changes made are delayed “due to the complex management system of the National Program”.

The State Duma was proposed to have a census of all SIM cards

State Duma deputy Boris Chernyshov explained his initiative to the fact that attackers often make seven-card to honest subscribers without the knowledge of the people themselves, causing them to become
involuntary defendants of the criminal case, if it comes to that. In the letter, he proposed three measures aimed at reducing the number of gray seven cards.

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