storyline, barn level and dialogues

storyline, barn level and dialogues

GameSpot published the first 22 minutes of It Takes Two, a cooperative action game from Hazelight Studios and Electronic Arts, on its YouTube channel. The video showed a plot plot, a level in a barn, a joint solution of riddles and much more.

The video begins with a cutscene showing an argument between the two main characters, Cody and May. They are married, but the relationship is not going well. The heroes decide to divorce, which they inform their daughter about. The child, of course, got upset, took his favorite dolls and ran to the barn near the house. There, the girl found a book of love and wished her parents to make up.

The video then shows Cody and May waking up in the bodies of their daughter’s wooden dolls. They met a revived love book that promised to help the main characters mend their relationship. After that, the passage of the first level in the barn begins. The main characters explore the location, jump, climb into various objects of the environment and solve puzzles: for example, the first task of Cody and May will be to find fuses for the generator. One of them will start to run away, because of which you will have to set off in pursuit.

During the passage, the protagonists constantly communicate with each other: share their impressions, argue and discuss something.

It Takes Two will be released on March 26, 2021 on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S. Meanwhile, Hazelight Studios has already begun creating a new project.

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