Strive shows off the fighter Anji Mito

Strive shows off the fighter Anji Mito

The Japanese studio Arc System Works continues to prepare for the launch after the postponement of its fighting game Guilty Gear: Strive for April 9, 2021.

According to the plot, this hero is one of the few surviving Japanese, vigilantly guarded by the government. But he rejects such tutelage and is more concerned not with the preservation of his race, but with his own human freedom. His main hobby is Japanese national dances, from which he borrowed the fluidity of movement and ease of gait for his fighting style. He can be quick-tempered, acting on intuition rather than reason.

Anji Mito is usually depicted wearing a blue hakama and high boots with unusual soles, reminiscent of the traditional Japanese geta shoes. Another notable feature is that he is the only Guilty Gear fighter character depicted with glasses. He uses twin fans as a weapon.

The developers promised that a new trailer showing the 15th and last playable character of the first fighting game line-up will take place in February 2021. Guilty Gear: Strive will be released on April 9th ​​on PS4, PS5, arcade machines and PC (on Steam). The Deluxe and Ultimate editions will launch on Sony consoles three days earlier, on April 6th. By the way, buyers of the PS4 version will get the improved PS5 version for free.

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