RozumLab: student collaborative robot (cobot) Rostec and Rozum Robotics

student collaborative robot (cobot) Rostec and Rozum Robotics

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Natalya Solovyova | 06/11/2020

RozumLab: student collaborative robot (cobot) Rostec and Rozum Robotics

Rostec State Corporation and Rozum Robotics (Republic of Belarus) have developed a robotic complex designed specifically for university training of specialists who intend to link
his professional activity with technologies of Industry 4.0 (Fourth Industrial Revolution). A training facility called RozumLab is supposed to find demand at universities and colleges,
who train specialized specialists in the field of collaborative robotics.

Experts consider collaborative robots, or cobots, to be one of the most promising segments of the global robotics market. Cobots can be actively involved in all sectors.
industry, from transport engineering to automated catering. They work in direct contact with a person; they are easy to reconfigure from execution
one task to another – industrial robotic manipulators such tasks can not do. According to Barclays Research experts, every year the number of cobots doubles around the world, according to
Rostec state corporation – increases up to 50%. Experts agree on one thing – that today it is one of the fastest growing segments of the global robotics market. By the end of 2020, as
According to Barclays Research, the number of cobots will reach 150 thousand.

Many companies would like to automate their work using robots, but there are not enough professional and experienced personnel in the field of robotics in the domestic labor market, according to Rozum
Robotics For existing specialists, the level of knowledge is insufficient, and they have no practical experience in integrating robots and their maintenance at all.

The RozumLab robotic complex will help universities and colleges effectively train students in robotics and prepare specialized personnel for modern production who will have to deal with
robots, ”comments Oleg Evtushenko, Executive Director of Rostec Corporation. – This solution is as close as possible to the needs of the business. With it, students can in practice master 90%
processes that occur in real production.

The RozumLab installation is a full-fledged cobot-equipped workstation based on Plug and Play technology. The basis of the installation is a PULSE robotic arm with support for Python3, compact
conveyor belt 1 m long, driven by servomotors (own development of partner companies) and a mobile aluminum frame with a locking system. Flexible also included.
end effector with integrated force and position sensors OnRobot RG2, a set of sensors and buttons that quickly provide information about the position of objects and carry out safety control
cells, backlight for safe operation, a laptop based on the Core i5 processor, an access point and a 6-port extension. The total length of the entire installation is about 1.5 m., Weight – 200 kg.

An effective integration of RozumLab into the educational process will help a specially designed training course for 14 weeks, with a set of 12 ready-made programs for laboratory work.

Depending on the direction and specialization of training, a university or college may choose to install additional technical equipment for a robotic cell, as well as program it
to solve a wide range of tasks characteristic of modern production. So, each of the ready-made kits is Safety, Technical Vision, Specialized Grippers and Vacuum
gripping devices ”- includes software, computer components and a set of teaching materials. Universities, thanks to an open programming interface and a variety of supported languages
programming and settings, can expand the training course based on RozumLab and update training materials on their own.

As experts at Rostec commented, the price of a joint development of RozumLab is 15-20% lower than the cost of similar solutions available on the market today.


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