Suppliers are not happy with tougher payment terms for items in Apple Store

Suppliers are not happy with tougher payment terms for items in Apple Store

The Telegraph reported over the weekend that Apple forced vendors to agree to tougher terms for selling their products in Apple Stores and the Apple Online Store. The company claims that Apple “Gripped them in a vice” these new conditions.

Apple Stores sell third-party accessories and products such as iPhone cases, smart home accessories, Mac peripherals, and more.

Under the new terms, suppliers will now have to wait 60 days for payment after order completion, while the current waiting period is 45 days. In addition, companies had to accept the transition to “Consignment model”which means that im “They will only pay after the product is sold, not after Apple has received it, which means they are charged with the storage costs.”

Suppliers say that if in the past they had the opportunity to negotiate similar terms with Apple, this time they were “Installed by Apple and not negotiable”… On the one hand, this serves as a guarantee that now all suppliers are working in the same conditions, on the other hand, the company’s partners have found themselves under stronger pressure from its side.

Commenting on The Telegraph, an Apple spokesman said: “We deeply value the close relationship we have with world-class companies that sell products through and in our stores. Apple regularly evaluates the range of third-party products we sell and the structure of our models to enable suppliers to grow their businesses with confidence and confidence. ”

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